How to Become a Spiritual Life Coach

2020 opened our eyes to an important reality: we all need a support system. There are times when we believe we can handle everything on our own, but that’s not always the case. During lockdown, we understood that having other people’s support is necessary to make it through the most challenging times. Some will be lucky enough to have amazing friends and family members to talk about what is going on and offer advice. However, not everyone experiences this. That is when Spiritual Life Coaches come in handy.

According to the Life Purpose Institute, a Spiritual Life Coach explores the connections between individuals and the universe. Through their work, they help their clients gain a new or more profound understanding of the world they live in and the energies that flow within it. They tend to use a variety of healing tools to support their journeys while acting as a guide to unleash self-trust and compassion.

There are several reasons why a person can seek the help of a Spiritual Life Coach. The Life Purpose Institute suggest these are the most common examples of situations in which individuals may hire this type of Coach:

These situations became more common in the past year. More people have become interested in finding a career path as Spiritual Life Coaches. Mary Morrissey, a certified Spiritual Life Coach, believes this is the perfect profession for those looking to help others claim their true power. She says, “I became passionate about helping people to claim their power to create the lives they want, and to find their own purposes, so they could know what they were meant to do with the incredible abilities I helped them to unlock.” If you are like her, this job will suit you perfectly.

But how do you go about becoming a Spiritual Life Coach? Luckily, there are plenty of certification programs available. One quick Google search will display hundreds of available opportunities. However, you must make sure you select the best one. Here are two of the best options:

  1. Life Purpose Institute’s Spiritual Life Coach Certification

The Life Purpose Institute offers different coaching programs, one of them being the Spiritual Life Coach Certification. This certification helps students learn how to guide their clients as they explore and integrate their spirituality to resolve their life challenges.

They are currently offering two programs. The 6-month online course takes place one night a week for two hours. The course is approved one the 60 hours of ICF coach-specific training have been completed. The second program allows you to complete it in three months with two weekly meetings. However, you can accomplish your 60 hours faster by participating in their 5-day intensive program.

  1. World Coach Institute’s Spiritual Life Coach Certification

The World Coach Institute has created its own methodology to train individuals to become Certified Coaches in different niches. Through the Spiritual Life Coach Certification, their main goal is to teach their students how to help their clients become connected to a power greater than themselves. For them, a Spiritual Life Coach should guide individuals through success, grow in consciousness, and living an enlightened life.

They offer three different paths to become certified. After finishing the selected path, Certified Coaches will generate business and maintain long-term relationships with their clients. The first path includes their Training Methodology Learning & Application, and Business Builder Program. The second one is an 8-week program that includes their Training Methodology Learning & Application, Spiritual Coach Training Practicum, Business Builder Mentoring Program, and Buddy Coaching. The third and last path will be available soon.

If 2020 taught us something, is the need for someone to have our back in challenging life situations. A Spiritual Life Coach would be the perfect person to be by your side. Nowadays, it is easier to become a Certified Spiritual Life Coach. All you need to do is find a program that meets your needs and goals.

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