How Teenage Entrepreneur Marko Filipovic Helps Businesses Find Explosive Social Growth

It’s no secret that social media is one of the most effective and crucial tools to market and grow a business.

It’s no secret that social media is one of the most effective and crucial tools to market and grow a business. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook and even TikTok, are no longer afterthoughts when it comes to showing the world the services or products you offer, but an essential part of your online marketing.


But growing organically is a marathon and not a sprint, unless you know how to best maximize your efforts. Marko Filipovic is a 17-year-old sales coach, Instagram growth expert and the CEO of Golden Gate Growth. The Seattle based high school dropout turned his passion for social media into a successful online service that helps entrepreneurs and business’s social pages grow exponentially.


Over the course of 2020, he’s helped grow more than 100 social pages, assisting 50 plus people in their working from home full time set up, and built his own unique software and strategy to fit any niche.


Filipovic works with a simple yet effective formula that guarantees growth by providing four vital services. Firstly, he helps businesses grow their audiences. By increasing organic follower counts, not only are services offered to more people but it looks professional and trustworthy, which is exactly what you want your clients to see. Secondly, Filipovic guarantees press coverage. Being featured in articles gives the impression that a business or person is important, credible, and trustworthy.


Filipovic’s team also helps build an overall image of credibility, working closely with clients to do everything they can to have business owners look like true pros. Finally, Golden Gate Growth helps businesses to learn how to be remote. The prospect of being able to work anywhere in the world from your phone sounds pretty unbelievable, but Filipovic’s team walks clients through the whole process and shows how it is possible to grow your brand and deliver to clients from a phone.


The effectiveness of Filipovic’s expertise is evident, and has even helped businesses and entrepreneurs reach the six figure milestone. Customers have raved about his ability to achieve organic growth across numerous platforms. One client credited him for being “one of those very few people who genuinely want to help you and watch you succeed”, which allowed him to close his very first four figure client in under a week.


They say that gen-Z is the social media generation, and Filipovic has proved that age and formal education isn’t a factor when it comes to passion, knowledge, and great ideas.

Find out more about Golden Gate Growth on the website and Filipovic’s Instagram.

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