How Melitsa Waage Turned Adversity into Success

Letting Your Troubled Past Unlock Peak Mental Performance

Melitsa Waage, a Miami-based mindset mentor and transformative thought leader, has devoted her professional career to guiding others through mindset changes and self-development. Through leading networking events, speaking engagements, and her own radio show, Melitsa has been able to help many spark their peak mental performance. What many don’t know is that her troubling childhood is what inspired her to give back and help others.


Melitsa’s biological parents were heroin addicts and she was forced into the foster care system when she was three years old. She faced mental abuse by those around her, including her own high school principal when she was kicked out of school and told she would never amount to anything. Melitsa found herself homeless and living out of her car but despite her adversity, she knew that she had a purpose in life.


“Things don’t just happen to you, they happen for you,” Melitsa says. It’s this mindset that pushed her to motivate others to unlock their potential regardless of their adversities. Now, the founder of Epic Talks, Miami’s fastest growing networking event, works with others to find their purpose and greatness.


Epic Talks has taken off as the #1 networking and connection event in the world right now. As a high-performance mindset mentor, Melitsa has partnered with other mentors such as Chris Lee, Peter Taunton, and Caloni Michelle to develop a networking event that encourages individuals to amplify their business, mindset, and lifestyle. In addition to speaking engagements, Epic Talks features live performances, art exhibits, networking opportunities, food, and cocktails. Melitsa Waage has developed her inspirational event into a networking community that you can call home.


“The world is simply a relationship waiting to happen,” Melitsa says, “Discover how to make one that benefits you.” Through relationship building with others, Melitsa has paved the way to multiple business ventures resulting in a larger platform to inspire others. Since the age of 24, Melitsa has been working on not only coaching others, but developing her own radio show, writing her own book, developing partnerships with companies such as Nike, and even launching her own television show.


As a transformative thought leader, Melitsa uses these platforms to readily inspire those to unlock their peak performance mindset. Whether it’s rock bottom, on cloud nine, or somewhere in between, Melitsa can relate to many. She focuses on telling stories that motivate and inspire because no matter what has happened in your life, you can rise up, conquer your life and create the life of your dreams.


In addition to her past, Melitsa has sought research and training in order to help develop exclusive programs for individuals who understand that self-development and life fulfillment are reciprocals of each other. These programs work through obstacles of life in order for participants to realize that living an extraordinary life is a choice that we make ourselves. Available for individuals of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds, these programs include one-on-one or group coaching options.


For more information about Melitsa Waage and her methods of high-performance mentorship, please visit her website. To inquire about her networking event, Epic Talks, please visit the website for ticketing information.

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