How Megan Claire Hatfield Turned Her Pain Into Purpose

Megan Claire Hatfield is obsessed with helping conscious entrepreneurs turn their pain into their purpose and reconnecting them to the heart of their message to increase their level of meaningful impact and spiritual fulfillment.

While going through her own “dark night of the soul” in the form of a chronic Lyme disease diagnosis and subsequently going through four years of chronic illness, she had a spiritual awakening that changed the course of her entire life.

During an afternoon when the physical pain and discomfort she was in exceeded her limits, in a moment of extreme clarity, she realized that “life is too short to do anything other than live your soul’s purpose with meaning, courage, and love.”


She realized that she didn’t want to continue living life on the sidelines, not using her voice and spreading her important message – because she knew that the valuable spiritual and life lessons that she learned during the most difficult years of her life had the potential to change the lives of millions – and it was her responsibility and duty to share her story, no matter what.


As she puts it, “I learned that it would be a disservice to the power of my story and the life-altering wisdom I had gathered in those years if I had I continued to stay small and quiet, watching life go by, thinking that I was unable to participate in it in the way that I wanted to because of my physical limitations. Deep down, I always knew that I was meant for something more – and on that particular afternoon, I finally understood and realized that nothing and no one could stop me from who I came here to be – not even a chronic illness. My body may have been sick, but my soul was not. My soul had all of the energy and passion in the world, and it had a mission to fulfill. It knew then that it was my time to rise.”


She decided to rewrite her story from a brand new, empowered perspective – one in which she rose from the ashes of her pain and made a difference in the world – and it was from that state of mind that she wrote her deeply emotionally and spiritually powerful book, “Strange and Unusual Creatures.”


“After years of trying treatment after treatment but still remaining ill, I realized that I couldn’t necessarily control whether or not I’d return to health again – but what I could control was how I responded to my situation. I ended up writing my book before I completely healed or reached remission, but I realized that the beauty of my message wasn’t in the outcome – it was in the beauty of everything that I learned along the way.”


While writing her book and beginning to spread her message out in the world, instead of feeling disempowered by her circumstances, she took her power back by connecting to her intuition and deepening her spiritual connection through which she used to help her navigate the path into her own unique, authentic life’s purpose.


And then – after years of not much progress – within the span of months, she healed. 


“It was the combination of grit and grace. I totally transformed,” she said. “And I gathered the new energy I had to fully rise into my soul’s calling as a spiritual mentor, empowered leader, writer, and speaker. I alchemized my pain into my purpose. During that period of time, I reached a state of complete remission, finished writing my book, shouted my message from the rooftops, and fell back in love with myself and with life itself again.”


All of this happened when she decided that her story was too important to remain unheard.

“It actually wasn’t about getting better for me, because I couldn’t control whether or not that would happen,” she said. 


“It was about sharing my story, changing people’s lives with the life-altering wisdom I learned, and being brave enough to rise into the woman who I came here to be. I wanted to do what I could with what I had and make it beautiful – and doing just that fulfilled me on such a deep, spiritual level that I knew from that point on that I was meant to help others do the same.”


“Not only did I become an expert in transformation and self-healing from that four-year-long initiatory experience, but I found my life’s purpose during that time – which is the transformational work that I now do today with my clients,” she says. 


“In the depths of my darkness, I found my light. In the depths of my pain, I found my power. Now, it’s my life’s mission to help other people on their own entrepreneurial path truly transform themselves, rise into their soul’s true calling, and create a legacy with their own magic.”


She believes that entrepreneurship is, in essence, a spiritual journey – and that an entrepreneur’s power potential is multiplied with a Spiritual Coach on their team.


“Having a mentor to lift them into their greatness and hold their highest vision for them and with them every step along the way changes everything,” she adds.


As a Transformational Spiritual Coach, she specializes in helping conscious entrepreneurs find and activate their unique spiritual gifts to help them stand out as a leader, helping them share their story to connect to the heart of their business, healing by releasing the subconscious blocks that may have been holding them back prior to beginning their coaching with her, integrating their rest and healing into their business model (all while helping them increase their authentic impact and influence), and helping them increase their intuition and spiritual connection so they can make the most aligned decisions on their entrepreneurial path.


“Honestly, I’m in love with what I do, and I’m actually grateful for what I went through in order to get here,” she says.


“And I think that can be felt by everyone who comes across my message. When someone uses their experiences in life by turning their pain into purpose, it leaves a lasting, meaningful impact on people – and I feel deeply grateful that I’m able to move through life now in a way that truly moves people” Megan explains.

You can learn more about Megan and inquire about private coaching with her through her website or on her Instagram


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