How Keracell Founder Ekin Ozlen Puts Education at the Heart of Her Business

“The reason that we're doing it is because of the incredible power of these two ingredients together”

Ekin Ozlen, founder of Keracell, prides herself on developing stem cell extract and CBD beauty products. The Keracell brand sells hair, face and body products that help naturally improve aging, hair growth and skin quality.


But as the first brand that combines these two products, Ozlen is trying to educate those unfamiliar with their benefits and squash misconceptions. “The reason that we’re doing it is because of the incredible power of these two ingredients together,” Ozlen says.


Human stem cell extract is a DNA-free extract that is grown in a lab around human starting material. It’s grown around proteins and peptides, which results in an extract packed with vitamins, minerals, proteins and peptides found within human stem cells. “What we’ve found is that like wants like,” Ozlen says. “What I mean by that is we are human. We are made up of human stem cells, so our stem cells are activated by an extract grown around a stem cell versus other skin care products that you may have used, that use cotton stem cells or apple stem cells. These are never going to be as potent or powerful. They are never going to rejuvenate our human cells because like wants like.”


Human stem cell extract can help with skin care concerns such as brown spots, dryness, oiliness, pore size, wrinkles, collagen and more. “When topically applied, it brings skin back to center,” Ozlen says. “It normalizes and balances everything, so does CBD. A lot of the qualities of topically applied human stem cell extract mimics what CBD does as well.”


Not only can CBD provide these same benefits, but it can also help with anti-inflammatory concerns and relaxation. Whether it’s swelling from arthritis, acne, or another concern, CBD provides more relief for agitated conditions.


Ozlen can understand the hesitations that some may have when thinking about using products with human stem cell extract. Ozlen started her journey working with CBD based products when her dog was diagnosed with cancer. “I was instructed to give him CBD every night under the doctor’s direction,” Ozlen says. “I was very hesitant at first. I researched the benefits and after seeing what it can do, that’s when I started wondering about other possibilities.”


When it came to combining these two products, Ozlen and her team found that in some situations, more is more. She tested the products first, only to find that the results were mind-blowing. She remembers trying Keracell’s brow and lash serum and having to trim her eyelashes because they were getting too long. From there, she knew she had to share the products with others.


“We’ve held clinical trials and had women grow their natural hair color back,” Ozlen says. “This one woman, she was elderly and all gray, she actually started growing her natural hair color back while using our hair treatment. She naturally had dark black hair and it was amazing to witness.”


For Ozlen, educating people about the ingredients, in addition to providing affordable products that work, is her main goal. The market is full of haircare and skincare products that want to sell you something. “I wanted to really provide results driven skincare and haircare products that actually delivered on their promises and did what they said they were going to do for a price that regular, working people could afford,” Ozlen says. “That’s really how Keracell began.”


Keracell products are not only affordable, and results driven, but they are trusted by many including Ozlen’s own family. Inspired by her family, she created products that would solve their ailments in addition to the general public.


Ozlen has created the Keracell brand around education of powerful, safe ingredients and solving universal hair and skincare problems at an affordable price. She hopes to continue to be inspired by her own life, and others, to keep creating products that work for everyone and anyone.


Find out more about Keracell here.

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