How Alexander and Gabriel Made Kalin Balance the #1 Sales Academy

Selling in a digital landscape provides you with new ways to engage new prospects. Looking back to traditional closing techniques can provide inspiration for how you can interact with customers and potential leads through social channels. But how to notch up those techniques to meet the needs of the time? Let’s hear it from Alexander and Gabriel, the founders of Kalin Balance. Kalin Balance was founded by Alexander Kalin & Gabriel Samuelsson in 2021 in Stockholm, Sweden. With a team of 2 executives, they strive to learn and to teach the power of social media to people in all walks of life every single day. Let’s learn about some innovative sales methods Kalin Balance teaches sales professionals from around the world to make millions a month. Furthermore, if you want to learn these tips and tricks in detail, you can always DM them on their Instagram @kalinbalance.

Using the Assumptive Approach

Assuming you’ve got this sale already can help close on pure confidence and positive thinking. Sounds a bit out there, but it can work. In the usual sales forum, you are monitoring a prospect, trying to gauge their interest, and assessing how engaged they seem or if they might object to your sales pitch. You can counter with follow-up calls or emails, probing further to get a better feel for what they are thinking. Alexander and Gabriel say that it is effective because you remain engaged and are helping them meet their needs. This confidence gives you a bit more authority to work with, which helps direct prospects towards the close. According to Kalin Balance, authority is the reason people choose to follow your brand. They believe you share common interests and provide them with something they need to pursue those interests. Because people are following your brand, you can assume they are interested. Furthering your authority is the reason you are on social media. Never lose track of remaining engaged with your followers by feeding them the info and tips they crave.

The Match-Game Technique

Kalin Balance teaches people that providing solutions to pain points is very important to overcoming objections and coming closer to a sale. The match game then becomes one of the most powerful tools in your closing arsenal. If you are doing your job well, you are noting every objection or pain point that comes up. This allows you to compose counters to each issue and then wind up for the match-game close. For every pain point or objection, match it with how your product or service helps resolve or overcome their issues. Not only does it help them see you’ve got everything they need, but it is also a very positive way to get the results you want.

It comes across as helpful more so than aggressive and ties in well with a summary close as well. It also brings a nice rounded end to a meeting or conversation that is conclusive without leaving you or the prospect hanging. This might be the best opportunity to tie in follower/consumer content back to your brand. By having customers do the match game for you, you are not the one touting your brand. Instead, someone who actually uses the product or service is showing prospects how it resolved their problems. If you can get a customer image in there all the better. According to Kalin Balance, 70% of respondents say they are more likely to make a purchase when it has been promoted with an image that was generated by a fellow consumer. Images make the match game easier.

The Value-Close Method

The value close is slightly different from the match-game technique. It stresses an overview of the benefits of your product. It takes a more direct approach, using a question that tries to get the prospect to admit that you are providing value with your product. It works because it allows you to have the prospect buy into what you’re selling, enabling you to carry the conversation toward a closed sale. They agree with what you are selling, but the tactic avoids a hard-sell approach. You give the customer a chance to see on their own that you are right to be selling to them as they are the perfect customer. They acknowledge your product or service is right for them, which helps a person lead themselves down the path to purchase. This close is yet another opportunity to try user-generated content to help you sell products on social media. Nothing shouts value louder than UGC. It provides hands-on information for prospects who might be sitting on the fence and just need to see the product or service in action.

Humble Beginnings

Both Alexander and Gabriel are 17 year olds, still in High-School. Both of them were born into middle class families. They started working online at the age of 15. It didn’t take them longer to generate 6 figures at 16 years of age. Now, they have a solid portfolio of working with sales, branding, and coaching. They help agencies and 7 figure entrepreneurs with sales and branding. Plus, they are also coaching 200+ students from all over the world. Their especially is coaching people how to close high value deals on social media or what we can call DM Closing!

What’s Next?

Looking forward to the future, they are aiming to hit 7 figures before 18. They are also hopeful to reach 1000+ students in the coming months. To cater to their larger audience, they are present through a number of accounts on TikTok. You can stay up to date with their latest courses on their website: They accept business queries at Talking about their social life, you can stay in touch with them on Instagram @kalinbalance.

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