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HeyBambu – Making an Environmental Difference, One Flush at a Time


HeyBambu Innovation

What problem does HeyBambu solve? 

In the United States, toilet paper is ubiquitous, and most people purchase it on autopilot every few weeks without thinking too much about it. Most people we know could not live without toilet paper. 

However, traditional toilet paper is made from the virgin pulp of trees, filled with bleach and other chemicals, and wrapped in plastic. 27K trees are cut down every day in the United States just for toilet paper. In fact, this everyday essential accounts for 15% of the earth’s deforestation. 

HeyBambu has a mission of keeping trees out of toilets. It’s made from sustainably sourced 100% bamboo, which is a fast-growing grass. We took a look at our packaging – using soy-based inks, zero plastic, and a compostable bamboo core and bamboo paper wrap. We made sure that no bleach or other nasty chemicals touched your bum. We made it easy with flexible subscription options. And we plant a tree with every purchase, making it simple to make a big difference.  

How can this transform the world or our day-to-day lives? 

It’s a simple, sustainable swap that can make a huge difference in our environment. It can make people realize that these small life change changes that we all make can add up. 

Joslyn Faust Entrepreneur

Tell us about the founder. What is their background? 

Joslyn Faust has a background in business strategy and marketing and is a mom of two teenagers in the San Francisco bay area. She spent many years at Gartner doing management consulting and research, helping companies in many industries with their business, marketing, and channel strategies. She was a public speaking coach through Decker and was most recently on the Communications team at Salesforce, managing the company’s corporate narrative. She has an MBA from Cornell and a BA in International Relations from UCLA and speaks passable Spanish and Portuguese. 

How did they come up with the idea? 

During the pandemic, store shelves sold out of toilet paper, people were hoarding it, and everybody was talking about it. That’s when Joslyn Faust first heard the surprising statistics about toilet paper and the way it affects our environment. For her own family, she started to try alternatives to do her part for the environment. She tried recycled toilet paper and many brands of bamboo toilet paper but wasn’t excited about anything she tried. They were either tiny rolls, not super comfortable, full of bleach and chemicals, or wrapped in plastic. For a sustainable swap that she felt that everybody should do, she thought that there should be an alternative that didn’t feel like a sacrifice, but instead felt luxurious and truly sustainable.   

HeyBambu Reviews

What do customers love most about the product? 

Customers are always surprised by how soft, strong, and comfortable HeyBambu toilet paper is! And since we make it easy with our subscription, they like that they can set their frequency and keep their homes stocked. 

Where can people get this product? 

Online at www.heybambu.com 

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