Here’s 5 Ways to Get a Free Life Coach

Sometimes it may seem hard to organize these things or even figure out how you will reach your full potential by yourself

The start of any year can seem like a breath of fresh air. It gives you the opportunity to start things over, prioritize new goals or even some that you wanted to accomplish last year. Sometimes it may seem hard to organize these things or even figure out how you will reach your full potential by yourself. This is where a Life Coach comes in handy! Not only do Life Coaches aid their clients in improving their relationships, careers, and day-to-day life, but they also help you clarify goals that you set for yourself. By identifying obstacles that hold you back, they are able to come up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle. Life Coaches can become a supportive friend and a trusted advisor rolled into one. While having a Life Coach is beneficial, it can get pricey, so here are five ways to get a free Coach.


If you are looking for a Life Coach, one of the best ways to find one for a low cost or even pro bono, is by finding an established Coach. A lot of times, established Coaches set aside some pro bono slots for people who can’t afford the coaching fees. While there are plenty of rules to these slots, for example a set time of three to six months, if you’re willing to make it work, this is one of your best options. 


While it may seem weird to just go for it and ask a Life Coach if they do free coaching, it is as simple as it sounds. One tip we will say is make sure that you phrase the question correctly. Questions like “Can I have a discount?” or “Will you work for me for free?” tend to sound more like a personal favor. A simple question like, “ Do you take on reduced-fee or free Life Coaching clients?” is a more respectful way to ask about discounts and pro bono work.

Not only is paying for a Life Coach costly, but choosing the right one can also be tricky. is an international directory of not only Career Coaches and Business Coaches, but Life Coaches as well. This website offers free coaching sessions face to face, via phone/Skype, or other remote conversation tools. They have two separate options, the first being the opportunity for you to be paired with a trainee Coach in which you can get at least three free sessions. The second option is for you to be paired with qualified-experienced Coaches in which they will offer you at least one free session. Both are definitely good options, especially if you are just starting out.

Another way to get a free Life Coach, is by receiving coaching from a student that is training to become one. The Blackford Centre for Life Coaching  offers free life coaching taster sessions, with expertise provided by their students. Their students will give you about two free sessions, both lasting up to about one hour. This gives you the opportunity to see how life coaching works, and decide if it would be beneficial for you. 

Youtube is a great resource because you can find almost anything on there. Whether it be a how-to, meditation session, or dance session, Youtube has it all. This tool comes in handy when searching for a free Life Coach. Although your Life Coach might not be entirely catered to your needs, if you are looking for some general guidance or even a starting point, there are videos on there to help. You can also watch sample life coaching sessions which could have information relevant enough to you! 

Life Coaches are the perfect option if you are looking to make 2021 your year. By identifying obstacles and helping you overcome them, Life Coaches are a great resource to have. With these tips above, they’re accessible regardless of your financial situation. 

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