Health, Happiness and Self-Love – You Can Have It All in 2021

Imagine if you could combine self-love, unwavering confidence and a healthy body! Well, you can now turn that dream into reality as all of this and more is within reach thanks to Georgia Rex from Georgia Rex Coaching


Georgia is a health and wellness coach for women who crave freedom in their life and want to wake up feeling happy, healthy and confident. Having spent the last 7 years on her own personal development and wellness journey, Georgia trained as a yoga teacher in India, has created and run 2 businesses and also worked on some of the world’s most luxurious super yachts.


‘I teach you how to listen to your body and what it is telling you, as many women don’t know this, which leads to them feeling overwhelmed before they even start to work on their goals’, says Georgia. ‘Also, getting clear on WHAT you actually want in life, and WHY you want it, rather than just setting a goal and not being aware of the intention behind it’.


For Georgia Rex health isn’t all about exercise and diet, it is also about relationships, career, spirituality and much more. Georgia combines many amazing methods to figure out how to uplevel these areas of your life & get in touch with energy which will help you achieve this. All things she’s been able to learn throughout her own wellness journey.


Georgia’s latest project, GLOW, will be launching on 22nd May and will be a 4 week program focused on helping women rediscover their inner glow. The program includes a 1-1 coaching call with Georgia and for the VIP Experience, 30 days Voxer Support. 1 on 1 coaching will also be available later in the year.


Georgia’s concepts help women tune in and understand their bodies and what they need, through mindful eating, mindful movement, menstrual cycles and so much more. She caters for women who desire to be healthy, but don’t want to hammer themselves in the gym every day or take on a super restrictive diet.


‘My company is unique as I’ve actually lived this life!’ says Georgia. ‘I’m not someone just starting their health and wellness journey, I have been doing these things for years, and know they work’. Georgia has trained as a health coach, a confidence and mindset coach AND a yoga teacher and now combines them all throughout her program so that the women she coaches can become the best, happiest, healthiest AND most confident versions of themselves.

So if you’d like to discover your inner GLOW, Georgia Rex would love to share her knowledge with you, and help you on your own personal journey of discovery. All the details of her brand new program GLOW can be found here, or connect with Georgia on Instagram.

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