Marketers to Watch: Hailey Brooke McFadden

There’s not a lot Hailey Brooke McFadden can’t do if she puts her mind to it. As founder and CEO of Power Moves Marketing, McFadden is currently pursuing just one of her life’s successes — digital marketing. McFadden took a bit of a winding path to get here, but she dug in her heels and made herself a marketer to watch while making Power Moves Marketing stand out from the crowd.

Everyone knows it takes brains, ability, and a competitive edge to cut it in D1 sports. McFadden possesses all three qualities and transfers them to everything she attempts. After studying Communication as an undergraduate student, McFadden thought sports broadcasting would be her dream career. After a brief stint sideline reporting for ESPN before starting graduate school, McFadden decided it wasn’t really for her, and male-dominated career fields are just that — male-dominated. 

Knowing she had too much to offer than to settle for a backseat in the boys’ club, McFadden opened her options and stumbled upon digital marketing.  This discovery was the beginning of a whole new adventure. While at Wake Forest University completing her Masters’ of Science in Management, McFadden put herself on the fast-track, opening her successful marketing firm before graduating. She had definitely moved on from the sidelines. Now, she was the boss, calling the shots and building Power Moves Marketing from the ground up to a six-figure digital marketing agency.

So, how is Power Moves Marketing different from just any old marketing firm? McFadden calls her company a “One-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs.” Whether it’s website creation, social media management, content creation, blog writing with SEO, e-commerce consulting, her team can do it all. McFadden says Power Moves Marketing is a standout company because no one else covers a comprehensive scope of services the way they do. 

Another Power Moves Marketing original is personalized service, right down to tailoring your company’s marketing package to a budget you can afford. McFadden knows every dollar counts in these trying times for small businesses. She describes her company as a “boutique marketing firm,” saying her team will work with your budget to find a combination of the most beneficial services for your business. 

McFadden says Power Moves Marketing is a full-service digital marketing firm for companies of any size. However, McFadden is exceptionally talented in helping smaller brands be more professional and expand their audience. Perfecting these marketing fundamentals ultimately increases sales and grows the business. McFadden says, “Our specialty is providing innovative solutions for companies who want to take their business to the next level.”  

Running a business and overseeing the marketing is a lot to handle. McFadden says many of her clients are just too busy with the business to develop the marketing campaign they need and want. Sometimes, clients just don’t know what they need or how to create it once they find out. Either way, McFadden and her team have you covered, no matter what level of marketing your business needs, even if it’s at the start-up stage. Having first-hand experience in taking a start-up to success, McFadden is confident that Power Moves Marketing can do the same for you. 

Hailey Brooke McFadden is clearly a marketer to watch. Maybe it’s her entrepreneurial savvy or her competitive drive. Perhaps it’s her digital marketing skills and passion for creating powerful marketing strategies and content. But most likely, it’s a combination of all these qualities that puts McFadden and Power Moves Marketing in the spotlight. When you name your company Power Moves, you have an agenda. And in McFadden’s case, she also has the ability.

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