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Get-Rich-Quick Syndrome: Why Successful Entrepreneur, Gav Kwok, Cautions People On Amazon’s FBA Service

Gav Kwok

It’s the digital revolution, and many people have found fame and fortune on the internet by doing simple tasks or offering services online. Over the years, one platform that has helped people achieve their financial dreams is Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), a service where sellers can partner with Amazon to fulfill their products on the platform. But as the saying goes, some things are not what they seem. That is why a successful Amazon partner like Gav Kwok is dishing out the truth and putting things in perspective concerning online money-making platforms. 

Frank and brutally honest, Gav declares that Amazon FBA is “not quick or easy; you have to work hard, and you have to work smart, and you will take many risks.”

Although he’s a successful entrepreneur who grew his business to 7-figures in under five months from nothing, Gav Kwok says the idea isn’t about quick money. In business, he points out, there are many learning processes involved, and nothing is guaranteed at the end of the day.

According to Gav, even though it’s possible to make it big and come to financial freedom by becoming an Amazon FBA partner, it certainly helps if you keep your expectations low to avoid disappointment. Gav observed that the world of e-commerce, as lucrative as it may seem, shouldn’t be viewed as a means to make quick, easy money. On the contrary, success in e-commerce or as an Amazon seller requires a lot of hard work. The journey can present daunting obstacles, especially for the unprepared.

Gav Kwok advises young entrepreneurs to be ready to pay the price of success upfront, be prepared to push themselves mentally, and make sacrifices. 

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Furthermore, Gav Kwok says that those serious about this type of business should find a mentor who’s done what they’re trying to do in addition to working hard and smart.  Gav revealed that since his involvement in e-commerce, he has invested over half a million dollars in mentorship classes so he could gain insight from the experiences of those who succeed in the industry.

But aside from the theoretical knowledge, you can gain in the process, being on the field is a whole new experience that would be worth it and rewarding in the end. After all, no one becomes an entrepreneur by reading books and going to seminars alone; there has to be a time for the practical, where you put to work those things you’ve been taught.

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“You learn about entrepreneurship and running a business by actually running a business at the end of the day,” he says.

To succeed in e-commerce, Gav also points out that you need solid technical and managerial skills. ‘It’s your responsibility to manage every aspect of the business. Without those skills or hands-on experience, you will struggle to maintain the relationships you build with your team and partners. When running your business, you must be an efficient and resourceful manager of people and resources.’

Gav points out that people need to know what to look out for. The misconception that setting up and making money from an e-commerce business is easy stems mostly from e-commerce “gurus” who sell get-rich-quick courses and programs to unsuspecting people. For Gav, it’s erroneous to accept misguided advice or listen to these people who aren’t successful at a business themselves, and just talk about it. 

“People need to find the real truth in most advice and implement it in their own way. Your aim when starting out should be to persevere and focus on the business instead of looking for instant and quick gratification.”

As nothing in life comes easy, people need to understand the reality concerning setting up an e-commerce brand or starting  Amazon FBA. Nothing is scripted, and you go where the tide leads you. Specifically, Gav Kwok opened up on the business being a trial and error thing for him as a beginner. Over the years, he says he’s made mistakes that cost him millions. 

Moving forward, Gav, who started his entrepreneurship journey from Shopify before moving to Amazon Wholesale FBA, discloses that his main attraction for choosing a career in e-commerce was that he always wanted freedom. 

He wanted the freedom to do what he wanted to do and go where he wanted to go on his terms. He was previously in college studying pre-med and excelled at his studies, but he always felt there was something else that he wanted. 

With Amazon FBA, Gav Kwok has found the path he dreamed of, and he’s confident that with the right mentorship and training, many could find that same freedom they always wanted. 

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