Fritz Colcol is a Modern Renaissance Man

Fritz is a modern Renaissance Man, divvying up his interests and pursuing each one with enthusiasm and tenacity.

There are those among the ranks of entrepreneurs and influencers who are constantly trying something new. Those who cannot seem to sit still for a moment, lest they miss out on an opportunity to blaze new trails. Fritz Colcol, award-winning “serial entrepreneur”, could be the poster child for multiple income streams. What’s notable is his ever-growing pile of successes in so many varying fields. 


 Fritz is a modern Renaissance Man, divvying up his interests and pursuing each one with enthusiasm and tenacity. 


Born in Caloocan City, Philippines, and immigrating to the United States when he was 11, Fritz experienced what many children of immigrants did: gentle pressure from his parents to go to college, pursue a lucrative line of work, and achieve the American dream. 


  Fritz freely admits he struggled at the onset of college, where he initially enrolled as an Electrical and Computer Engineering major. It wasn’t what inspired him, however. He floundered and took to hitting the gym instead of devoting his time to study. He found his passion in exercise and wellness, leading him to change his major to Kinesiology Exercise Science with a minor in Nutrition.


 Fritz threw himself into exercise and wellness in his spare time, joining clubs such as weightlifting and Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, where he trained rigorously every day. He utilized Instagram while it was still in its infancy in 2013. He began to document his fitness journey by showing his workouts, transformation, and diet. This then inspired thousands of people around the world. His content was being reposted from multiple fitness accounts, and he soon garnered over 10,000 followers in a matter of months. Seeing a clear opportunity, he began writing out fitness plans and personalizing training programs for followers. He earned his very first six figures income, all just from his iPhone 4, Instagram, and the KiK Messenger app.


 Following graduation, Fritz fielded multiple offers from health & fitness companies such as Gaspari Nutrition, Aesthetic Revolution, Paragon Fit Wear, Ape Athletics, Bloke Undees, and many others. But he ultimately chose to work in a start-up company in Silicon Valley at TrimTUF – a fat-burning tea company.. He first started there as a brand ambassador, then became Chief Marketing Officer. As CMO, he led the company to generate high six figures in a short time.


 Fritz applied a trial and error approach to his multi-faceted business ventures, eventually owning or co-owning twelve different businesses, including restaurants, clothing stores, and e-commerce sites. He leveraged his fitness knowledge into becoming a professional men’s physique athlete, eventually landing the title of Mr. Illinois in 2016. In 2019, he was praised as a “Serial Entrepreneur” by the Filipino Asian American Hall of Fame in Chicago. Most recently, in 2021, Fritz received an award from the US Army upon a nomination from the Centers of Influence in Chicago for Serial Entrepreneurship. The most exciting part of this honor was the invite to tandem sky jump along with the US Army GoldenKnights, an honor typically only reserved for prestigious influencers, celebrities, and dignitaries. 


Fritz Lifestyle was born out of Fritz’s litany of successes through numerous endeavors. He strives to set a great example and show that success isn’t just all about making money but also impacting the world. The testament to his success and impact is evident through the work-life balance he has achieved. He works extremely hard while living life to the fullest. Fritz Lifestyle helps entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, influencers, and businesses become authorities in their niche markets. This has become especially useful within the business climate of the pandemic.


 “The pandemic has stretched everyone to be creative in new ways,” says Fritz. 


 Fritz has big plans for the future, none of which include slowing down as he enters his thirties. 


 “In my twenties, my goal was to amass as much success as possible,” he says, “Now, in my thirties, my goal is to plan for my family success.” 


Fritz has designed his working life to allow him to pivot on a dime if he feels something isn’t going fulfill the potential he once thought it would. This includes brick-and-mortar ventures, such as the three restaurants he owned. The lack of profit from these physical locations led him to offload two restaurants, and he is still considering what to do with the third. 


 It’s wise business moves that have played a significant role in Fritz’s continued triumphs. It’s a run of achievement he hopes to bring into the next phase of his life as a family man. 


 Fritz and his fiance, Ivanna Martinez, have been engaged for two years and were planning a destination wedding in Jamaica. Unfortunately, the exclusive resort they had chosen closed due to the pandemic. However, the delightful event they have in mind will be back on once they have chosen a new destination.


 “A truly successful life is all about having the right balance with family, friends, fame, fitness, health, wisdom, and most of all, true love,” he says. 


 Fritz Colcol intends to continue his path of multi-faceted business interests and follow his passions wherever they may take him. 


 “Every night, I sleep with a plan, so tomorrow, I will wake up with a purpose.”

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