Why Every Small Business Needs Ageras Matchmaking Services

One of the best moves a small business can make is hiring an accountant or bookkeeper. Many founders of fledgling companies don’t feel like they can afford this service, thinking they can cut costs and do this work themselves. Rico Andersen, CEO, and Mikkel Jensen, US Director of Ageras, a service that helps businesses find the perfect accountant or bookkeeper, say this way of thinking is a big mistake. 

Andersen and Jensen know having an accountant provides vital services that help small businesses thrive. However, they also know finding the right person to handle your small business finances is even more crucial.

For these reasons, they founded Ageras — a network of professional accountants with over 5000 vetted professionals who are screened and checked before accepting a partnership. These accountants pay a small fee to have the additional exposure and access to a broader scope of clients by being part of the Ageras network. Now here’s the best part — Ageras’ matchmaking accountant services are free.

Ageras got its start in Europe as a bootstrap start-up until a prestigious private equity fund acquired a majority stake. This venture opened the markets for Ageras by expanding its US presence, making it easier than ever for US businesses to find the perfect accountant. Ageras, now the largest professional service platform in Europe, has matched over 200,000 businesses with accountants since its launch in 2012. Anderson and Jensen are putting out the word that Ageras is primed to be the new accounting solution for US business owners. One can jokingly say its matching system makes Ageras the “matchmaker” for your accounting needs. But the success of this system is no joke, seeing 500% growth year after year. 

Andersen and Jensen know there are enough expenses when running a business, so they offer this service free of charge. The accountants, bookkeepers, and other financial professionals who want to be part of the network are the ones paying for the chance to cast a broader net. For them, it’s worth it because they know their perfect clients might not be people down the street. Ageras matchmaking service can match accountants with clients that otherwise could not connect.

Ageras can help your small business find the best suitable accountant with a simple process. Just access the starting point on the Ageras website. Then complete the background survey that provides vital information. A client consultant will find three ‘best matches’ for your business and usually send your matches within 24-hours. You can then compare the options and choose the accountant that best fits your small business needs.

But you might still be thinking, “Do I really need an accountant? Can’t I just do this work myself?” While most business owners are capable of doing the work, this does not mean that they should. The following is a list of reasons why your small business deserves a professional accountant or bookkeeper handling the finances.

So many details

Accountants and bookkeepers specialize in all the details that are the backbone of your business: balancing transactions, payroll, balancing bank statements, etc. Let someone who understands every aspect of these details take care of them for you. 

Tax time preparation

The stresses of tax time are overwhelming enough, and trying to prepare for this process yourself is too much. A professional accountant will keep statements, receipts, payroll records, and other tax information organized throughout the year and be ready to file. When filing, an accountant will meet more requirements and lessen the chances of making a mistake that could red flag your business for an audit. 

Your business needs you

Running a business has many necessary tasks, and worrying about getting bills paid on time and getting payroll out should not land squarely on your shoulders. Save your precious time for running the day-to-day details that are so vital to success. Leaving the finances in capable hands will save you time and be a lot less stressful.

Save money

All small businesses are looking for ways to save money to keep the bottom line healthy. You might think doing your own accounting and bookkeeping work will save money, but this practice might end up costing you more in the end. Hiring a professional will mean fewer tax time mistakes, no late payments, no tax penalties, and no cash flow issues. Trying to handle the finances yourself probably means mistakes, and mistakes cost you money. You could make better use of this money by hiring an accountant, very likely costing you less in the end.

Getting advice

We all need to bounce ideas off someone from time to time. And small business owners are no exception. There is a lot at stake when you own a business. Having a professional overseeing and managing your finances gives you another person to check with regarding business operations. An accountant can help you track your expenses and figure out where you are paying too much. They can also help explain financial statements and offer sound advice in other areas as well. 

Why Ageras?

Now you are convinced that you need an accountant. Why not let Ageras do the work of narrowing your best choices to the manageable number of three? You could spend days, or maybe weeks finding an accountant on your own. After completing the short information piece on the website, you will most likely receive your options within 24 hours. And don’t forget — it’s free. 

Do yourself and your small business a favor and hire a professional to handle the finances. Whether it’s an accountant or bookkeeper, or both, Ageras can ease the stress of finding the perfect person for your business needs. 

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