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Empowering Fertility: A Conversation with Tamara B. Smith, Fertility Juju Educator


Tamara B. Smith, also known as Tam Inspires, is leading a transformative movement to empower BIPOC women in their 30s and 40s on their fertility journeys. As a Fertility Juju Educator, Tamara guides women through a unique and magical path toward reclaiming control over their fertility, embracing spirituality, and healing ancestral traumas that may hinder their ability to conceive. 

Tam Inspires stands apart from conventional fertility support services by infusing its teachings with a potent blend of spirituality and fertility. Recognizing that the journey to motherhood involves not just the physical but also the spiritual and emotional dimensions, Tamara skillfully helps women connect with their spirit babies and guides, tapping into a profound spiritual experience throughout their quest for conception. 

Breaking free from conventional norms, Tamara inspires women to embrace their fertility juju, tap into their inner magic, and embark on a liberating journey toward motherhood. Today, we sat down with Tamara to discuss her journey, and here’s what we learned:

Q. Let’s start with your journey, what inspired you to become a Fertility Juju Educator and establish Tam Inspires?  

Tamara: Well, my journey began with my decision to stop using birth control after realizing its impact on my spirit, mind, and body. Educating myself on fertility awareness methods and the spiritual consequences of medications led me to become a certified fertility educator and womb keeper. I learned how to track my fertility naturally and have assisted many friends and family in doing the same. This journey also brought me to tap into my spiritual power, healing ancestral traumas and helping others do the same.

Q. Many people may not be familiar with the term “Fertility Juju.” Could you explain what it means and how it plays a role in your work?  

Tamara: Fertility juju is the spiritual power to create and manifest change. It is a West African term to invoke change to those who connect with themselves and their guides to have a fruitful life. Whether that is creating a baby, healing their wombs or even bringing in other desires that align with the transformation that they seek. It is a vital force to invoke our entire being in this life and beyond to bring about the changes we desire.

Q. Your approach to fertility support involves integrating spirituality into the process. How do spiritual practices and beliefs help individuals on their fertility journeys? 

Tamara: Spiritual practices and beliefs significantly influence our fertility journeys, enabling us to access our creative energy to heal ancestral traumas and break through limitations imposed by society and religious conditioning. Many of us carry deep-seated traumas, manifesting as shame, regret, and resentment, which can impact our bodies as PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, or infertility. By acknowledging and working through these limitations, I’ve witnessed hundreds of transformations in my clients, whom I lovingly call Juju Mamas. They gain confidence, heal their ancestral lineage, and successfully conceive beautiful babies despite infertility diagnoses and long-standing womb-related ailments. 

Q. What are some common traumas women often face on their fertility journeys, and how do you guide them in dismantling these obstacles? 

Tamara: I often encounter ancestral and childhood blockages caused by abuse, shame, or regret. Healing these traumas allows us to move forward and embrace our creative potential. I guide my clients by reassuring them that acknowledging their past is essential for growth and then leading them on a journey toward their dreams, helping them overcome self-sabotage and disbelief. Dismantling toxic thought patterns takes mental and spiritual work, but as we address each blockage layer by layer, profound transformations occur. This allows my clients to heal for themselves, their spirit babies, and their bloodlines.

Q. The concept of connecting with spirit babies and spirit guides might be new to some. How do you help women establish this connection? 

Tamara: One way I educate my Juju Mamas is by showing them that the dreams and intuitive messages that they have received from their spirit babies are not in their heads. It is a sign that they want to connect, to come through, and to be acknowledged by sending messages of healing or healing parts of their bloodline. This connection can become deeper by creating a place of peace, such as an altar, giving them a name, talking to them, and acknowledging their ancestors so that healing can take place in the spiritual realm. Once that is established, it shifts our mindsets to receive the guidance to break through the mental limitations and blockages seen in the body that have affected our ability to conceive. 

Q. What are some actionable steps or tips readers can implement in their daily lives to optimize their fertility and increase their chances of conception? 

Tamara: There are too many to mention here, but I explore this in-depth on my blog, and these resources have truly changed so many lives and helped many of my clients manifest their babies. You can find them here: https://www.taminspires.com/blog

Q. Your website features various fertility rituals. Can you elaborate on how these rituals can support and empower women on their journeys to becoming mothers? 

Tamara: Fertility rituals serve as a means to deepen our connection with the spiritual realm, offering a space for prayer, deliverance, and breakthrough. These rituals support my Juju Mamas’ journeys by helping them establish a connection with benevolent spirit guides like the Creator, ancestors, babies, and angels, depending on the beliefs of each Juju Mama. Breaking free from limiting mindsets allows for major transformation, magically healing and conceiving within their bodies while also extending healing to their babies and ancestors who lacked such knowledge or ability during their lifetimes—it’s a beautiful process of generational blessings. 

Q. Could you share a particularly memorable or touching story of a woman who overcame challenges and manifested her dream of having a family? 

Tamara: One of my Juju Mamas struggled with infertility for over 5 years and sought help through a fertility reading and ritual. Remarkably, she took the suggestions to heart, actively involving her partner in cleansing, honoring ancestors from both bloodlines, and confronting self-imposed limitations due to a PCOS diagnosis. Her grandmother, an ancestor, appeared in a dream to guide her further, and her partner also received confirming dreams about the baby’s arrival and what actions to take. They diligently worked on this for a few months, leading to the wonderful outcome of conceiving a beautiful baby. That’s just one of many stories.  

Q. Fertility journeys can be emotionally and physically demanding. How do you encourage women to stay positive and resilient throughout the process? 

Tamara: Shifting your mindset and lifestyle on a daily basis is crucial. The battle against limitations takes place in the mind, and when we decide to transcend the physical realm, spiritual assistance comes forth through intuition, dreams, and signs from the universe. When my Juju Mamas witness these multidimensional signs as confirmation, they realize the reality of their journey and feel motivated to dive deeper for transformative change. I also share positive stories from other Juju Mamas and make inspiring posts to demonstrate that despite their unique journeys, they too can experience a similar shift. 

Q. Tam Inspires reaches international audiences. What motivates you to share your expertise with women around the world? 

Tamara: My passion is to inspire women worldwide to unlock their gifts through spiritual alignment. Empowering women transcends individual impact; it uplifts families, communities, and future generations while healing our ancestors. Regardless of origin or background, we are connected by the universal desire for empowerment, creating a force of healing that knows no borders. Plus, building a global community of spiritually empowered women fosters boldness, love, power, strength, and spiritual awakening.

Q. In your experience, what are some of the biggest misconceptions about spirituality and its role in fertility? 

Tamara: Our ancestral wisdom runs deep, and we hold the power of oracles and priestesses within us. Our magick knows no bounds, but people often don’t believe in that. I want us all to embrace our divine essence, tap into our inner wisdom, and watch as we manifest the life we desire and more. When we recognize the deep connection between our body, spirit, and soul, we unlock a force of change that breaks through trauma, liberates our minds, and unleashes the true potential of our fertility journeys, and that is to create.

Q. Beyond fertility support, what broader impact do you hope to achieve with your work? 

Tamara: I am fiercely committed to empowering women on their transformative journeys by helping them rewrite their narratives and fully embrace their authentic selves. Together, we can break free from the chains of limitations and tap into our juju—that boundless power within us. As we elevate ourselves and our spiritual guides, we ignite a powerful ripple effect that radiates outwards, touching the lives of those around us. This change and transformation is not just for us; it’s for our communities, our ancestors, our families, and the world at large. 

If you want to learn more about Tamara’s work as a Fertilify Juju educator, visit her website, connect with her on Instagram, and consider joining her upcoming Fertility Ritual.

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