DuJour Select: Luxury marketing for exceptional brands guided by Jason Binn

DuJour Select

Renowned for his ability to forge powerful connections in the world of luxury marketing, Jason Binn is a visionary entrepreneur who has revolutionized the industry with his innovative venture, DuJour Select. More than just a platform for peddling products, DuJour Select offers a comprehensive and all-encompassing approach to luxury marketing that empowers clients to flourish in today’s fiercely competitive landscape. Whether launching a new product or revitalizing an existing one, DuJour Select’s vast expertise and ample resources ensure that clients surpass their goals with creativity, innovation, and relentless dedication. 

At the heart of DuJour Select’s success is its commitment to forging deep relationships with clients, as exemplified by Uma Thurman’s glowing endorsement of Binn’s media powerhouse at an exclusive rooftop party in New York City. With a powerful 3-tier membership program launching this Spring, DuJour Select offers partnerships with the most influential brands and people in the luxury lifestyle industry. Drawing on Binn’s strategic relationships worldwide, DuJour Select is able to target a precise audience for each client, resulting in significant growth in brand awareness and an unparalleled reputation for excellence. 

One of DuJour Select’s key services is its all-in-one approach to marketing, which encompasses both newswire monopolization and finely-crafted organic media. With a comprehensive strategy that covers every aspect of a brand’s image, from editorials to social media, DuJour Select ensures that clients stand out in an increasingly competitive content landscape. The membership program provides access to the top 20 newswire sources catering to selected markets, carefully chosen by over 100 of the industry’s most reputable media outlets. With a DA score of over 70+, DuJour Select ensures that clients’ brands are prominent in the first five search pages, while ongoing mentions and narratives through the newswire network reach an audience exceeding half a billion people monthly. 

DuJour Select understands that creating a robust online image requires a multi-faceted approach that harnesses search engine optimization (SEO) to address any content that may undermine a brand’s reputation. DuJour Select’s extensive SEO expertise ensures that the narrative is turned in a direction that elevates clients’ image to new heights, with video and photo amplification supported by top-tier distribution outlets, GettyImages/BinnShots, accounting for over 80% of all media outlet searches. 

Founded by Niche Media (Creator Jason Binn) in the Fall of 2012, DuJour is a luxury lifestyle media brand focusing on fashion, entertainment, art, travel, and business with unrivaled access to an audience of the most significant consumers who seek out unique and engaging editorials. Through its dynamic and integrated platforms, DuJour reaches a highly coveted, self-selected audience on and offline, targeting more than 3.5 million nationally and locally with its quarterly rhythm. The 300K people within DuJour’s monthly wheelhouse spend over $15 billion a year and represent over 70% percent of the nation’s wealth and spending power. 

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DuJour Select is a sophisticated and comprehensive platform for luxury marketing, created by media pioneer Jason Binn. With a commitment to empowering clients through creativity, innovation, and dedication, DuJour Select is poised to revolutionize the luxury marketing realm and forge powerful connections in the fiercely competitive landscape of today’s market.

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