Living a Higher Energy Life with Dr. Krishna Bhatta

Dr. Krishna Bhatta boasts an extraordinarily impressive life and career. As a urologist, surgeon, author and inventor, he is well practised in the art of hard work, and is no stranger to accessing the upper levels of mental and spiritual awareness. Working in professional fields that require high levels of intelligence and mental agility, he offsets this against his expert study of intermittent silence and meditation to help him live a higher energy life. Speaking to Jay Feldman on the Mentor’s Collective Show, he provides an insight into his practices and lessons.

Embarking on a spiritual journey that began soon after he was accepted into medical school, he started doing meditation in small groups. “It takes some energy to be different than the normal masses,” he explains. Developing an ever-growing passion for reading spiritual books over the course of his life, he eventually wrote his own, “Journey from Life to Life: Achieving Higher Purpose”, which opened up opportunities for him to interact with people more. When Covid-19 prevented him from hosting in-person workshops, he turned his attention to the online world, leading him to create Relaxx, an app which works as a portable guru that helps people find peace and happiness.

One of Dr. Krishna Bhatta core teachings is the practice of “Intermittent Silence”. Essentially, this term means spending time with yourself. “The idea is to give your brain a rest for 10 minutes a day,” he explains. “Because your brain is working all the time we are used to over minding overeating and overspending.” The simple steps consist of closing your mouth and eyes, and engaging in “silent listening”. While 10 minutes of silence is more challenging that it appears, Dr Bhatta explains that

“once you get a hang of it, it is simply wonderful”. Slowly the peace you feel in those 10 minutes will start to penetrate your normal life. “Even though you are in chaos,” he adds, “you feel that silence inside you”. The most important thing this does is prepare you for “emotional storms”.

Dr. Krishna Bhatta also believes strongly in the principle of high energy living. He does everything he can to not only channel this energy, but to conserve it in a world where people are so prone to burn-out. While meditation is an effective energy conserving method, energy gaining can be achieved by only associating with people who fuel your energy, while also immersing yourself in nature. He explains “That energy body is definitely an entity that exists. And we can nurture it by conserving energy, creating energy, sharing energy, channelling energy”. The thought process behind conserving energy is something his app directly addresses.

The prospect of delving into this world for a beginner may be a daunting prospect but it’s something that can only become better with practice. Whether it is when you are brushing your teeth or taking a shower, creating a moment for mindfulness will have noticeable benefits. By dedicating even five minutes a day, it starts to become a habit. “Let it grow slowly, let it grow naturally,” he says. By practicing this along with intermittent silence, the transformation will become apparent. But crucially, there is no endpoint, but rather a journey to living a higher energy life.

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