Dilip Kumar Jha-Taking the Engineering Industry to Another Level Through His Innovative Mind

From inventing fire by rubbing stones to now manufacturing robots, the human race has evolved significantly over the years. Individuals behind these discoveries and invention are engineers like Dilip Kumar Jha, who are trying their best to make life simpler and comfortable.

Engineering is a very important discipline and everyone on the planet should be aware of its significance. No nation will evolve or be able to grow its economy unless improved engineering practices are adopted.An engineer utilizes their scientific knowledge, experiments, mathematics, judgment, and intuition to devise strategies and methods for economically using natural resources or materials for a sustainable future for humanity. Engineers contribute significantly to the advancement of society through their innovative and creative ideas.

The skills and innovative mind of an engineer is needed in every facet of our life, whether it is healthcare, agriculture, transportation or education. The services of engineers are extremely necessary for every institution across the globe. Take the example of the healthcare sector, surely it would not exist without nurses,pharmacists and doctors, however, engineers are equally important because they are responsible for the design of the diagnostic equipment found in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Without the engineering principles and engineers, the latest technology and equipment we use today like the stethoscope, surgical instruments, and computers, diagnostic instruments would not be available. Surgical procedures, diagnostic procedures, and other healthcare applications have also become efficient and simpler,thanks to engineering tools such as machine learning and information technology.

Drones, genetic editing, automation, vertical farming, and other cutting-edge technologies created by engineers have transformed agricultural practices worldwide. The credit for these technological advancements goes to the engineers who spend their lives doing research so that humans can benefit from these innovations.

Back in the old days, one could have never imagined using an automobile to travel from one location to another but now it is common practice to do so. Engineers’ technological advancements have also advanced to the point where hydro-powered automobiles, autonomous ships, and automobiles exist.Engineers have also made a name for themselves in the education industry across the globe. They have made learning creative, interactive, fun, and efficient around the world through the invention of robotics, coding, and state-of-the-art technologies.

Because of the aforementioned reasons, engineering is considered as the most lucrative career option in the modern era. Engineers like Dilip Kumar Jha alter the course of the Earth for the better and constantly improve modern society to make it more sustainable and easier to live in for succeeding generations.

Kumar became a prominent name in the engineering industry soon after graduating from East Point College of Engineering and Technology with a B.E degree in Electronics Engineering.In his career,he got associated with top-notch organizations such as IBM, Intel, Cadence, Swedium Global Services, and Qualcomm, where he used his engineering skills, expertise and knowledge to design a variety of products including smartphones, supercomputers and integrated chips. Besides being a successful engineer and educational reformer, Kumar is also a published author who believes in sharing the knowledge he has gained over the years.

Some of his famous works as an author are Chasing the Phenomenon, published by Petals Publishers, Kuch Rangeen Kaanch, Kuch Rangeen Kaanch Ke Tukde,published by Petals Publishers, and India That Is Progressive, published by Book Street Publications. His book,India That Is Progressive,received great reviews because of the valuable insight it provided regarding the technological revolution and artificial intelligence. Kumar, who has thirteen years of experience in the integrated chip design field, utilized his knowledge to write this book.

The book primarily highlights how India and its youth will face challenges in the 21st century. Through his book which has nine chapters, he has discussed the concepts of patriotism, nationalism, as well as fascism and has elaborated on how these three concepts are different from each other. He also takes us trough the British Raj and colonialism era and elaborates on the subject of how India as a country missed out on industrialization during the 19th century.

In his book, he depicts how the educational sector of India will be important to counter the challenges posed by the future. He believes that if a person is educated enough, he would be able to deal with uncertain situations and would also be able to identify fake news and misinformation, which is increasingly common these days because of social media platforms. In the latter part of his book, he also discusses the climate crisis which the world is facing nowadays by giving the example of Bhutan.

He sheds light on the issues faced by Indian parliament and emphasizes on why democracy is the pinnacle of a civilized society. In the final three chapters, he has focused on topics such as New India’s bureaucracy, the problem of access to justice in India and the ability of the legal system and judicial process to respond to injustices, and how the world during the 2020 pandemic has paid a huge price for undermining science and believing propagandas and fake news.

The engineer Dilip Kumar Jha has received a lot of positive compliments from critics for his books like India That Is Progressive, which provide valuable information regarding the technological revolution in the 21st century. Kumar is one of those current and former engineers who has imparted crucial teachings through books and literature and has also contributed equally to the engineering field.

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