Decide It’s Your Turn® – The Podcast for Building Your Inner Confidence

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Having confidence can greatly impact an individual’s overall success and happiness. It influences the way we interact with others, our performance in various settings, and our ability to take on new challenges. While the effort and dedication needed to build confidence can feel uncomfortable at first, the outcomes are truly invaluable. Confidence can enhance communication, increase motivation and drive, and provide a sense of self-assurance that can lead to personal and professional growth.


A confidence coach can help individuals build self-confidence by assisting with setting achievable goals, practicing self-care, providing support and guidance, reprogramming old patterns and habits that keep us stuck, and overall helping a person achieve the life that they desire. Coaches have the ability to provide valuable feedback and overhead perspective to help individuals identify and overcome self-doubt and insecurities. They can also assist in witnessing negative thought patterns and use tools to replace them with positive affirmations to boost confidence. Individuals who learn to push themselves to the next level and take on new challenges will see their confidence and resiliency increase.

(Opens in a new browser A great way to learn more about how to practice and implement the above strategies into your daily life is to listen to the Decide It’s Your Turn® podcast hosted by Top Confidence Coach Christina Lecuyer. Christina is a former professional golfer and TV host that was recognized as one of the top confidence coaches in 2020. She works with a variety of clients from around the world, including entrepreneurs, coaches, athletes, and Wall Street CEOs. Christina had firsthand experience dealing with low self-confidence and an eating disorder in her 20’s, but she was able to overcome these challenges using her now signature “Decision, Faith & Action” framework to create the life and business she always dreamed of. Over the last 6 years, Christina has worked with hundreds of clients in helping them achieve their most purposeful and profitable goals by aligning their actions with their purpose.

 The Decide It’s Your Turn® podcast is designed for individuals who are ready to take control of their lives and create a purposeful and profitable future. It provides resources and guidance on how to build confidence and the motivation to make the decision to live your best life. If you are ready to Decide it’s your turn  to make the choice to succeed, this podcast can help you gain the confidence to do so.

To check out the podcast, click here. To connect with Christina on social media, follow her on Instagram, LinkedIn & Facebook. You can also check out her website.

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