Cutting-edge Currency Trading in a Digital Age With The Digital Warriors, Hassan and Malik Mahmoud

Having been busy recruiting a team of experts for the recent launch of Digital Warriors, Hassan & Malik Mahmoud's vision for the future of currency trading is brighter than ever.

2020 was a challenging year for many businesses and the trading economy as a whole, with 2021 proving just as effected by the pandemic. However, online learning and working has exponentially popularised, being dubbed a ‘digital age’ and can be taken advantage of in marketing and currency trading. Hassan and Malik Mahmoud aim to educate people on how to create wealth in this industry through their company Digital Warriors by creating a global community to leverage the trading experience.


With access to the internet and a smartphone, possibilities in online trading are endless. Digital Warriors have identified this as a need for guidance and navigation in the currency and marketing trading realm and provide clients with all the digital tools and skills they need to flourish. Clients receive free exclusive access to our proprietary AI algorithmic software to provide them with the best tool to succeed when the product is usually only accessible to private members of trading, costing $499 per month. This only scratches the surface of the exclusive assistance members of Digital Warriors receive.


In the digital age, the brothers believe that the ‘warrior mentality’ is imperative to succeeding in online trading and paves the road to revolutionising income. Digital Warriors impresses the warrior values on their clients to build their skills for training, including the strength and caregiving nature of warriors that is emanated by the Mahmoud brothers. Their caregiving nature leads to a hands-on and individual-oriented approach where each client is given personal assistance to help them trade. For example, the company allows clients to copy from successful traders to start out so that they can earn whilst they learn. Live Q&A sessions on forex and crypto education are also offered and for even more assistance Digital Warriors allow clients to interact with their coach, unlike most companies in the field.


The brothers are extraordinarily competent in online trading and began the company by helping each other to achieve the most from currency trading. Additionally, the brothers have grasped the online environment through social media platforms to help educate and promote the Digital Warrior service. Hassan and Malik Mahmoud both keep active Instagram accounts where their success in trading is obvious and their values are upheld. Dedicated accounts to Digital Warriors include the company’s Instagram account and website. These can be accessed just as easily as online trading: through a smartphone or laptop.

As Digital Warriors looks into the future, they have made a plan and a goal to spread their company globally to help as many people as possible in creating wealth through trading. The company is pre-launching their movement for next 90 days with the underlying goal to create 5000 new currency traders globally. This is a huge step in their goal of creating a global community of traders and fulfilling their vision. However, the brothers realised early on that the vision could not be fulfilled alone, leading to the joining of hands with many reputable companies in forex and crypto trading and even 7 figure online marketers.

The brothers have set out on a mission that they are sure to complete with their experience and hands-on approach, which will enable traders to profit substantially and learn skills to succeed on their own, creating entrepreneurs, just like the brothers, who refuse to settle for less.

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