Diamonds Under 60 Bucks? Enter Curio Diamonds!

Curio is offering genuine diamond jewelry for under $60. Creating accessibility for all, Curio allows everyone to experience luxury and transforms diamond jewelry from old and stuffy to modern, fun, and flirty. The idea spurred from a void in the jewelry market and the desire for diamonds to be fun and individualistic, like fashion jewelry. By creating exciting designs with an emphasis on color and creativity, the line of playful diamond jewelry reimagines its former identity. Wondering how you can get real diamonds for so cheap? Curio focuses on smaller cuts and settings that typical diamond sellers ignore. Using an intelligent mix of both naturally mined and lab-grown diamonds, the company chooses which stone works best for each design.

With REAL diamonds for the price of fakes, treat yourself- no need to wait for an anniversary for someone to have to give it to you. Instead of saving for months or years for a single piece of diamond jewelry, people that covet diamonds can purchase Curio designs for the same price as imitations. Both design and manufacturing happen in-house.

More about Curio:
With over 30 years in fashion jewelry manufacturing and design, the team of creators behind Curio not only have the expertise to execute on quality and creativity, but also know how the industry works to create something completely different. Launched in 2020, the company is based in Southern California.

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