Christopher Laird’s new book ORIGINS 4: THE RISE OF MYKIA is out now

Everyone who has gotten somewhere in life has had some help along the way. At some point, there was an individual that we wanted to mold our craft after. It could be business, sports, broadcasting, the list can go on. Watching and following someone we admire and respect is one thing, but to get that personal touch, that one on one with that person…priceless. To get coaching or mentoring from someone who is at the top of their profession or who is skillful at their profession, could mean the world to us. Science fiction author Christopher Laird is a strong advocate of getting mentoring. He tells The Mentor Collective it is the most valuable asset one could have.

“Getting that encouragement and guidance is paramount to you gaining confidence and getting ahead in your field,” the best-selling author tells The Mentor Collective. “I think we learn from some of the pitfalls we encounter in our field. But I think a mentor can help alleviate those pitfalls significantly. In addition, I feel that mentor can hold you accountable, motivate you and give you invaluable advice that you may not get anywhere else”

Christopher Laird has a new book out ORIGINS 4: THE RISE OF MYKIA, which is available now on Amazon and all major book retailers online. The story centers around aliens and humans from the future who time-travel back to ancient earth in 1953 to recover an artifact. Whoever attains it first will control the universe.  Laird attributes his inspiration to his brother Charles Laird, who is a successful real estate agent, and his childhood friends Chris Clinton, an engineer, and Steven Snead, an educator. “These people have always strived to be the best at what they do,” Laird continues. “Not only are they good people, but they continually strive to be better every day in all phases of their life.”

Laird offers some tips for finding a good mentor. “I think one is finding someone who going to hold you accountable. It is important to have someone to follow up with you with goals and tasks and how you are coming along. Two, find someone who is going to challenge you. I think we can get too comfortable with ourselves and accept it. It is good to have a mentor that will help us get to that next level. Thirdly, find someone who is an expert in your field and who has done it before. I believe having this insight is pivotal to helping you succeed. I think another good tip is to find a mentor that has the time to see you. Conversely, make sure you also have the time to meet with them. As far as searching for one, explore your social networks, friends, family co-workers, and current or past employment. It can be difficult to find a mentor at times, so exhaust all of your social networks if you can. And if all else fails, just associate yourself with inspirational people, people who you admire and you can pick their brains about stuff.”

Christopher Laird’s new book ORIGINS 4: THE RISE OF MYKIA is out now. Also, his holiday stage play, The True Meaning Of Christmas: From The Perspective Of An Alien, will be available to watch on youtube this December. You can go to to learn about the play and you can go to to learn more about Chris Laird.

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