Christina Setliff Figured Out How to Organically Grow her Instagram Account

Lucky for Instagram users, Christina Setliff figured out a way to gain followers organically.

Nowadays, social media is a big part of our lives, whether we want it or not. Everyone has at least one app downloaded on their phone and uses it on a daily basis. It is a way to connect with friends, family, and even strangers all over the world. Different platforms to help you know what is happening around the world, share memes, and post about your life. Instagram is one of those.


Instagram was founded in 2010 as an app to share photos with your followers. It expanded to share videos, stories, reels, and do lives. Although at the beginning it was simply used to share photos, it later became one of the most used apps by influencers. Its popularity was so big that many influencers and brands started purchasing followers to try and make an even bigger impact.


A recent Influencive article by Prestige Media explained Instagram is the one place where you can get noticed a lot if you are doing everything right, but also somewhere where you can get frustrated pretty quick. They explained “this is because there are many things getting in the way of you growing your account quickly and effectively.” That is why they gave a list of 21 websites where users can purchase followers.


However, many of those bought followers ended up being inactive, unfollowing, or not reacting to the posts. That is because, according to HubSpot, as of 2018 there were 95 million bots which means they are not interacting with your posts. Lucky for Instagram users, Christina Setliff figured out a way to gain followers organically.


Who is Setliff?

Christina Setliff is an entrepreneur who currently finds herself studying Media Studies at Radford University while running her own business: Social Media Secrets.

Many had low expectations for Setliff, she wanted to prove everyone wrong, but most importantly she wanted to reach her own standards, because they were high. She started working a lot harder in school and decided that she wanted to get in the business world just to see if she could do it. That is when she decided to start her undergraduate studies at Radford University. She did a year as Psychology major before transferring to Northern Virginia Community College. It was there she realized Communications was her passion. So, she transferred back to Radford University and began her major in Media Studies with a minor in Psychology.


As COVID-19 struck, Setfliff realized many influencers were using their Instagram accounts to promote brands and generate income. However, she noticed most of them had paid for their followers and the interactions with their posts were very low. That is when her expertise came into play!  She knew how to grow her business in an organic manner. The work she did with her own account implied no bots, no forced followers, and to stay within your niche. As she realized she could help others grow the same way, she started her business.


Social Media Secrets

Through Social Media Secrets, Christina Setliff helps people grow their accounts while promoting their business and guaranteeing interactions. For this, she offers two classes her customers can choose from. They are very similar, except one of them expands on marketing and brand personalization.


By taking the first course, clients are signing up for six different lessons. After an introduction, she dives into The Science of Growing your Instagram Account Organically, Create Good Content, Brand Deals and Paid Promotion, Business Tools on Instagram, Personalizing Your Brand, and Marketing. Once they make it through every lesson, they will receive a certification.


The second course mostly focuses on growing your account organically, getting brand deals, creating content, and making money from those deals. Setliff recommends her clients to take the first course, but understands some people need a crash course that will allow them to reach their goals faster. Whatever the case is, she will get you to where you want to be!


Your Social Media Guru

In the era of social media, most users are looking to grow their accounts to promote a product or become famous. Although Christina Setliff does not guarantee fame, she guarantees a large number of followers who will interact with your posts and get you the attention you have been looking for. If you are trying to get your Instagram break, Christina is the person to help you.

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