Build Passive Income with YouTube Automation with Caleb Boxx

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Who Is Caleb Boxx?

These days automation is a vital element of success in all forms of business. Automating more monotonous parts of a business model is a sound tactic for freeing up human resources to focus on other more important things. Nowhere is this better exemplified than in the case of Caleb Boxx. A nineteen-year-old youtube content creator who is living the dream as he earns passive income through his youtube videos. He got his start by reaching out to a Youtuber who inspired him to try and learn the craft of passive income on Youtube. Through this work, Boxx began learning about the Youtube Automation business model, which serves similarly to a sort of ghostwriting but for Youtube content. “…you hire people to really do the content for you, and it creates passive income,” Boxx explains. Using this model, anyone who has seen success on Youtube can scale their income from the medium tenfold.

Caleb Boxx explains that like any skill set, being successful on Youtube takes knowledge and a niche over time. Youtube is a massively utilized medium by both viewers and creators. Thus it allows for a variety of different ways to make a name for oneself. Much like any kind of influence, success on Youtube requires that videos and content get engagement with their audiences. Coupled with this is CPM & Ad Revenue, which is what actually produces the passive income for youtube creators. This is based around how successful ads are, the definite medium being every one thousand views earns some form of payment. This becomes even more passive when other individuals are involved, adding more levels to the process, and allowing the name creator to focus on other endeavors. At the same time, the content is created and posted. This sort of automation is precisely what drives passive income and, ultimately, allows Youtube to be a form of passive income.

The creation of Youtube content can be long and arduous, and it isn’t always possible to be inspired 24/7, and as such, the prospect of outsourcing creativity isn’t always a bad idea. Caleb Boxx elaborates on the topic, noting that outsourcing still takes time to develop as the new people brought on the need to learn how to fit the brand of content. Boxx’s team refers to the process almost as an assembly line, eerily reminiscent of factory production, which often acts as passive income for higher managerial positions within the business. These “assembly lines” aim to create content that will receive a great deal of attention and thereby earn back some revenue. 

In today’s world, with COVID-19 acting as a significantly restricting buffer around most people, places, and industries, Youtube’s popularity has exponentially increased; as such, now is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the passive income Youtube can provide its users. Boxx’s explanation of the system of earning through Youtube, now more than ever, is an excellent means of earning passive income during a time when being part of the workforce is strange for most people. For questions about Youtube and the passive income it can provide, Caleb Boxx can be reached at his Instagram @calebboxx

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