The Businesswoman Changing the Face of the Influencer Community

How NYLA Influencers and Bizfluence are helping people of colour follow their dreams.

Many Black, Indigenous People of Colour (BIPOC) dream of getting into the world of business, but are being undervalued and experience unnecessary issues when trying to enter certain industries. This is where Briana Wilson at NYLA Influencers  and Bizfluence is on a mission to create real, lasting change. 

Briana Wilson

Briana is an entrepreneur, influencer manager and mentor based in New York. She has scored over $2M in brand deals at NYLA Influencers, and has over seven years of experience in the world of influencer marketing.


NYLA Influencers was founded as Briana had spent years working on the brand side of the business, and saw many BIPOC creators not getting the recognition and value they deserved – particularly compared to others in the industry. For this reason, Briana set out to help BIPOC creators to reach new heights through negotiating what they’re worth, more team support, and implementing content and brand partnership strategies that work.


The company allows vision-oriented, strategic and collaborative creators who are at the point where their business is rapidly growing and they want the industry professionals to support their work.


Through NYLA Influencers 1:1 services, they make things happen by taking action on thoughts and ideas, collaborate to create greater ideas and energise their clients with their vision of what they could be, which helps them to scale their brands and land them their dream partnerships.


As Briana’s influencer management business grew, she started to receive several DMs from content creators asking her how to become a full-time influencer and land their dream brand partnerships. Due to this, she launched her community Bizfluence, to support content creators by giving them the resources to skyrocket their earning potential and ultimately support the lifestyle of their dreams.


Briana’s other company, Bizfluence is her combination of business, influence, resources, community and collaborations to turn clients’ passions into thriving businesses. Briana uses her years of experience, expert knowledge and industry knowledge to land content creators the brand partnerships they dream of.


Bizfluence provides users with creator communities, brand partnership opportunities, resources and lessons, clubhouse collaboration opportunities, industry panels and interviews, monthly office hours and the opportunity to connect with Briana one-on-one. Bizfluence enables its users to feel less stuck and provide them a community of like-minded influencers with mentorships, management, content strategies and photo sessions.

Briana had spent eight years working a 9-5 job. She graduated from UCLA with a $28k yearly salary and chained to an office desk. Her rent took up most of her salary and she had to share a room and had to sleep on the floor during her first year out of college. Moving to New York with her dream she was able to make this a reality, doubling her income in her first year of her new job and continued to help her influence clients reach new heights in their businesses. Briana believes that if she can do it, so can you. 


Briana’s clientele are future-orientated, idealistic and have a clear view for their business. They love to collaborate, grow and take action to achieve their goals. They put in their time, come from diverse backgrounds and always want to better themselves.

If this sounds like you, then find Briana on Instagram or send her an Email

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