Best-Selling Author, Bill Wooditch, Shares Critical Tools to Win in Business and Life

Learn how to unlock your hard working potential and overcome the fear of failure.

Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author, CEO and radio host, Bill Wooditch, has devoted his life to creating and implementing proven concepts and narratives that support leadership development. Wooditch built a multi-million-dollar company based on the philosophy: “To receive value, you first have to give value.” He is now ready to share his secrets and inspire others to do the same.


Life hasn’t always been easy for Bill. He grew up in rural Pennsylvania working dead-end jobs most of his life until he realized that hard-working potential was not a unique character trait, but something everyone had to unlock in themselves. Through self-reflection and changing his lifestyle, he was able to achieve notable recognition such as Top Salesperson at Liberty Mutual and Sixth overall Top Insurance Brokerage Sales in the world for two consecutive years.


Now living in Laguna Beach, CA, Bill Wooditch has developed his own motivational concepts in order to help others unlock the same hard-working potential he has discovered. He calls it “The Wooditch Way,” which focuses on the process of positioning to win in business and in life.


There are three main steps to “The Wooditch Way” that can be applied to business and personal life: focusing on the customer, learning that failure isn’t fatal, and always moving forward.


Focusing on the customer may seem like a sales-specific tactic, which is not wrong, but sales tactics can also be applied to everyday life. “Authenticity, passion and purpose move people,” Wooditch says, “People buy the messenger first before they ever care to listen to the message. Once you understand the heart of a buyer, you will find a way to their mind.” While this can definitely be applied to the sales field, it can also be applied to everyday life. We must unlock our purpose and take actions that not only stay true to the purpose but help others “buy-in” and believe in it as well. These actions help take possible opportunities and turn them into definite outcomes whether in the sales field or in everyday life.


“The only difference between those who have massive success — the ones that crush it and the ones that don’t — is the ability to learn from failure,” Wooditch says. Failure is inevitable but is the key to achieving success. “The Wooditch Way” states that you should fail more and embrace it. This not only gets you past the failure but creates a stronger willpower to overcome obstacles. Your next achievements will be based on your ability to overcome, adapt, and learn from your past failures. In Bill’s book, “Fail More,” he helps the reader accept the unknown and turn failure into growth. Obstacles are inevitable when working towards a goal but are also valuable lessons and deliver practical solutions for overcoming the fear of failure.


Bill’s bestselling book, “Always Forward!”, focuses on the third step of “The Wooditch Way.” Moving forward — regardless of obstacles, failures, and changes — allows you to move from where you are now to where you want to be tomorrow. Success will always be under construction, which is the first step to moving forward. Once you understand that success does not happen overnight, but rather with hard work and determination, moving forward beyond hardship is easier to do. Success is a commitment to yourself that should never be given up on. Always move forward and keep going no matter how difficult the commitment is at times.

“The Wooditch Way” is credited to providing a platform that will provide for the betterment of people who are willing to invest in themselves. This platform has not only gotten Bill Wooditch sales recognition in his early career, but he now devotes time as a regular guest for talk shows and speaking engagements as a mentor to help people overcome life’s obstacles.


“The key to success is what people value,” Wooditch says, “And that’s the creed that I follow today, and that’s the creed that I teach to others that don’t want to follow old manuals and are compelled to do it their way.”

For more information about Bill Wooditch and “The Wooditch Way,” check out his website where you can find details about books, speaking engagements and more.

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