Becoming a Project Management Professional with PMTI

The Importance of PMTI

Organizations are only as strong as their project managers. Organizations and their leaders are heavily reliant on project managers because they are ultimately responsible for the task of planning, creating, managing and executing various projects and assignments within an organization. Due to the constant change and evolution of their projects and tasks, project managers are always looking for ways to improve their careers. As a project manager improves, so does the overall function and productivity of the organization they work for. 


In order to improve however, project managers must undergo extensive training sessions and long exams to obtain specific certifications and credentials. These processes can be time consuming and very expensive. Former project manager, Yad Senapathy and his wife Shobha Senapathy, witnessed the lack of convenient, affordable training solutions available to project managers. At the time, Senapathy and his wife were both required to obtain a Project Management Professional (PMP) credential by their respective employers. 


Oftentimes, project management positions will either require or recommend a PMP credential. However, while searching for PMP training courses, Senapathy and his wife were shocked to find that PMP training courses and certificates prices started at nearly $3000. On top of the financial pressures of project management training, Senapathy also began to feel the heavy pressure of his own project deadlines while transitioning into a new role within his company. The thought of completing the drawn out and expensive training processes required for a PMP credential felt nearly impossible. 


In an effort to combat this, Senapathy and his wife decided to create a program intended to aid aspiring project managers in advancing their careers, without having to break the bank. In 2003, the Project Management Training Institute (PMTI) was subsequently founded by Yad and Shobha Senapathy. 


Senapathy then took note of adult learning techniques based off of standardized test preparation strategies, and improved them to ultimately create the base foundation of exam and certificate preparation available on PMTI. Eventually, Senapathy was also able to take his findings and create the 4-Day PMP Exam Prep Boot Camp. The PMTI solution was time-efficient, convenient and, more importantly, it guaranteed its users the achievement of a PMP accreditation. 


Over the course of PMTI’s history, Senapathy and his wife have expanded PMTI to include a wide variety of services and resources such as:



Additionally, Senapathy has ensured that all PMTI instructors are PMP certified and have an extensive academic background or additional certifications in order to further establish an instructor’s credibility. PMTI instructors are also required to have completed an eight day training course to obtain a PMTI Instructor Certification, as well as an impressive resume as a former project manager with a minimum of 10 years of prior experience. 


PMTI was founded on the belief that PMP training should not have to be a stressful, long and expensive process. Through its efforts, PMTI has now helped thousands of students pass their PMP, CAPM and PMI-ACP exams. Senapathy and his team prioritize success, but not at the expense of misused time and money. With PMTI and its committed team of instructors, users are guaranteed to pass the PMP exam with flying colors and ultimately achieve a PMP credential without heavy time or financial restraints. 

For more information on PMTI and its extensive variety of information, certificate requirements and other additional resources, please visit

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