An Exclusive Interview with La’Monte, An Artist from Philadelphia

In a world saturated with Instagram Influencers with filtered photos showing apparently ideal lives, it is refreshing to find an artist who “keeps it real.” Philadelphia based producer, songwriter and singer La’Monte releases his new song  “Let’s find time to go!”. The music is complex and interesting enough to keep you hearing something new with each listen.

Hello, La’Monte, welcome to Mentorscollective!  How are you doing?

I’m doing well, very excited to be releasing new music!

Can you please tell us about yourself?

I am Philadelphia based producer. I like to play guitar and piano. My artist name is La’Monte. I uncovered my passion for music during my first listen of Thriller with my dad. From that point on, I was involved in producing, musicals, and song writing.

From where did you inspiration?

I get Inspired by the Neptunes, Tyler the Creator, Kanye West, Curtis Mayfield, Cameo, Timbaland, 60’s-90’s R&B, 60’s-80’s Rock.

Do you work with any bands?

Yes, of course! Right now, I am working with a band “A Couple Mondays”

What do you do in your free time?

Music and Animation play an important role in my life. If I am not making music I am definitely trying to make an impact through visuals! I like to sing and rap, so in free time I always try different instruments to produce something new.

How do you get inspired while produce new song?

I find inspiration all around me.  I try to make my music representative of myself and my generation. I love the places that most people don’t give a second glance.

What is your favorite pastime?

Join me as I follow my dream to pursue music. Writing lyrics and producing songs in my home studio is easily my favorite pastime!

Can you please tell us about your future plans?

Right now, I am working on two major projects; one is for the band I am working and second is for myself. Apart from this, I will release a new anime video and music for all my fellow listeners. I am dealing with few artists and soon you will see me collaborating with other artist.

How can people reach to you?

If you like my songs and watch listen or watch my video, then you can follow below links of my website and social media pages.

Official Website:


Links: Facebook:

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