Best Books for Spirituality & How to Harness Energy in Business, ft. Allera Dawn

Allera Dawn

Allera Dawn

Fix Your Energy & Spirituality to Win at Business ft. Allera Dawn

There are a lot of books on spirituality out there, but some are written specifically for the entrepreneurial mind. While learning how to become more effective in business is often correlated with establishing time management systems, priority maps, hyper-focused early morning routines, and mental focus courses, spirituality and harnessing energy can also be effective in improving our minds to enable ourselves to accomplish more.

We had the pleasure of sitting with Allera Dawn to discuss this concept. Allera is a workplace spiritual wellness expert, energy healer, coach, and podcast host. She specializes in empowering individuals to connect deeply and expand their conscious awareness and accelerate their vision for life and business into reality. Allera brings an unconventional perspective from mastering her spiritual gifts, entrepreneurship, training, clinical hypnotherapy, and counseling, plus her insight from 20 years of working in the world of finance. 


So, Allera, let’s start; you’ve got a fascinating history, you’ve had an NDE, and you’ve been through quite a bit. I’d love to hear a little bit about yourself. I know there’s a lot to unpack, but let’s try and try and dive in and tell us about who you are and where you came from.


Sure. For those that don’t know what an NDE is, it’s a near-death experience. What tends to happen is, if we look at some of the shamanic lineages, or some of the more ancient lineages, the soul would orchestrate having a near-death experience because it was a way of blowing their consciousness into the other dimensional realms. It kind of means that the soul generally can’t stay in the body when there is extreme trauma or impact. 

If you think about a car accident or impact, there is an element of the energies out of the body, which is why they’re quite disassociated afterward. That meant that I had one or two from a very young age, and then drowning — or near drowning — at age four, was very connected to other spiritual realms and consciousness. That was my norm. I didn’t know any different because you’re forming your personality and experiences from a young age. I realized through early childhood my gifts were so acute that, when I shared them freely, they scared people, so I learned to hide them. I think that’s a pattern for many people — they’ll remember things. Often, through the conversation, I had that happen, but they never had a name for it, so we shut down a lot of our senses, which usually happens to a lot of children under the age of seven. 

The experiences at home were quite traumatic; it was a quite violent home. That also meant, sensitivity-wise, I was very consciously aware of the energy and environment from a safety perspective, but also I was able to read other people’s energetic intentions, knowing what they were saying, and what was the energetics behind it. It was kind of honing it through adversity, and that is what a lot of people define as maybe “highly-sensitive” or an “empath.” 

Now, often, there is a trauma link. So, fast forward: I’m 18 years old and I left home. That became my start of real life, and I found myself in finance. I never really thought I would end up working for a global investment bank by the age of 21 in New York, and then I was in London at age 22. It was very corporate, but I was in client-facing roles. It brought a lot of interactive relationships with people and work dynamics. Being somebody that was at least 10 years younger than the youngest person in the department, and ended up getting promoted after nine months and moving my way up the ladder, I was coming against all of these “women in a man’s world,” doing all these things that were kind of pushing the boundaries. I put a lot of that spiritual side of things in the closet. I was very aware of reading into certain things, and it helped me build relationships. It also helped me tune into my client’s needs, which helped me in my client relationship roles. 

But fast forward to 2008, I canceled my wedding and ended a seven-and-a-half-year relationship. I realized that there were some bigger misalignments, and at that point, it put me on my healing journey. That healing journey was to go inwards, first with counseling and looking at my childhood experience. It then led me to decide how to turn this into a positive, where I retrained as a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. But eventually, I realized the patterns were still happening. I now know what they are and can see the clinical understanding of the readings. 

Then, in 2015, I had a physical injury after a half-marathon training, which debilitated me. It was kind of like being forced to stop. You can’t just keep on pushing through thinking that you’re going to force your way into getting things to happen because I was in a lot of masculine energy. The injury switched on this thing of being told that I would be hobbling around on crutches for nine months, and this injury would take ages. I remember coming out of there thinking, “I’ve got a choice, I can believe this,” or something inside me is telling me there’s another way. 

When I started being open to that, I went on holiday about a week later to the spa, where they had a Reiki practitioner. After one session, I was in no pain and didn’t need the painkillers, so I had the treatment twice. I had this extraordinary experience, like an intervention. That day I arrived in London, and my friend and I went out, but the next day, it was as though somebody flipped a switch, and I literally stopped drinking alcohol. It was like repellent: stop drinking meat, fish dairy; it was like I went vegan overnight. I just had to listen to that guidance. So, with this energy clearing me, my friend at the beginning of the week was seeing me, and then at the end of the week, it was like two different people. I’d gone on this journey with my soul and something had intervened to change my patterns. So, I just trusted and went with it, and because of that, I was off the crutches in two months. 

My MRIs were coming back with extraordinary results, and my consultant thought this was bizarre. I retrained, starting at Reiki one and two within about a month. They said, “did you detox from alcohol and meet for two weeks?” To which I said, “I did, but it wasn’t planned.” After that, it kind of then went very, very fast. I realized that that was one little toolkit, and it wasn’t all I needed. 

Then, I started getting many flashbacks, which were from this and other lifetimes. They were things that were moving through my body. Bear in mind I’m working on the sales and trading floor for Global Investment Bank, and my sensitivity and my energetics that I had tried to kind of block and ignore were coming back banging on the door. “Warnings” is the only way I can describe it — you need to pay attention; if I didn’t, it was like that thing was manifesting. So, it was like an initiation to trust my intuition and recognize its strength. I call it an initiation because that’s kind of what it was. That’s the role of the High Priestess. 

After that, it was really about accessing my healing abilities, my psychic abilities, my abilities to tap into multi-dimensional kind of timelines through doing the deeper inner work to delve into the trauma that was there, recognizing that it wasn’t working with just the hypnotherapy and the counseling. I had to go deeper. It was held in my body — the nervous system, the etheric field — it was like everything that I went into was a breadcrumb of pain or suffering that I had to kind of go into to alchemize, which then brought about a gift. I knew none of this made any linear sense, but the minute that it locked in, it switched something on, so I just had to trust and keep moving through it, so it was quite unconventional. 

I believe that the soul chooses how and when it will be activated to do that deeper work, which is why we’ve got this massive spread of people that may never need to go into that level. But then there may be others here to transform generational trauma, generational patterns, money stories, or other big ancestral things, especially in the entrepreneurial world. If you want to take a leap, all your money stuff will come up, and it will be about self-worth and energetic stuff. That route is how you can shift it in hours — not months — and feast and famine with your business. So, it took me on those layers, and it still is going, but not at that level.


I’d love to ask you to define “energy” in your own words. I know in Eastern medicine, they have meridians that move through your body and come out at certain points. That’s why acupuncture works. Many people now describe it as vibrational energy because people and things vibrate at different frequencies. So, Alera, tell me what your interpretation of the word energy is.


I would say it’s going back to oneness, from my perspective — light and sound, their frequency and vibration. We are all of it, and we can sense it, but the piece that’s kind of missing for a lot of people is that we haven’t had the encyclopedia to reference it. So, a lot of the time, people are more psychically aware of connecting to things, but they think the experience would be a Hollywood-style experience when, actually, it’s very subtle. The information is the “whisper,” or the feelings there, but nobody’s told you, “that means this.” It’s only when we get that kind of reference point we begin to explore it. I think, energetically, it’s something we can feel, sense, and channel a lot of light information. I’m clear, cognizant, and clairvoyant, so I assimilate all of it through my body clairaudiently, so I kind of get all of it, which has meant different mastery and also meaning that I don’t walk around kind of taking everything in. 

I was at an event yesterday, and someone said, “are you not seeing everybody’s?” I had a conversation at the Spears 500 event yesterday about past lives with somebody. So, if we’re talking about synchronicity and people being ready to talk about this stuff, this woman, when I explained my business, I give it at one level because I don’t always know where everyone is. Suddenly, she was sharing more things about her understanding, which expanded. That synchronicity, that energetic alignment of somebody, can come in because we have something of each other to have a conversation. There is a like-for-like frequency and vibration which means we connected on some level, and I feel that is when people begin to notice this synchronicity. 

Maybe they’ve said they’ve made a decision or declaration, which sometimes people cannot realize they’re making the intention, energetic command, or ask. Next thing you know, it’s turned up at the front door or in an email, and they’re beginning to connect the dots between the power of their inner desire and energetic intention. And actually, those things can come into your sphere. We kind of talked briefly about this before, but before I go to any events, I set very clear energetic boundaries and intentions in my energy field of who and what I’m available to interact with. It was interesting from literally being in the queue to pick up my tag, and the lady behind me got chatting with me. She works for a fund that is for philanthropy that works with high-net-worth individuals and entrepreneurs that are wanting to give back. The demographic of the age group was the age group I worked with, so it was like, “what are the chances?” Then I go to get a coffee, this other lady turns around, and she’s in a similar field. And then that other lady that I spoke to, literally out of 200 people maybe, the key people that I made the intention of not necessarily that I wanted to speak to people in philanthropy, but those that had an energetic alignment with the cohesion of people that want to give back in the world or have a purpose or do something good. That is an equal energetic intention that we both hold on some level. And I feel that’s why we’re attracted to each other.


I’d love to talk about some of the benefits of becoming, I guess, a little bit more open spiritually and energetically so that you can receive some of these messages because anyone can do this and benefit from it. And then also some tactics people can use to achieve that. First, I kind of wanted to mention a story. I was on a podcast yesterday, and this must have been the fifth time I’d heard this from a very successful entrepreneur, someone doing business in multiple countries doing multi-millions of dollars. I asked them what their driving force was. They mentioned that they had divine inspiration, a tap on the shoulder, and someone whispering in their ear that this was their life mission and this was what they needed to do — they had a credit to the Divine. I’m not a particularly religious person, but if you could bottle that feeling and prescribe it to somebody for success, you would have the most expensive drug ever. I think that might be similar, or even similar, to what we’re talking about here; that tap on the shoulder from divine inspiration might just be how open that person is, spiritually and energetically, to receiving messages like that. It might be something that other entrepreneurs can dial into. So, just a random thought there, but I thought that was an odd coincidence talking to her, and then you, but talk to me about some of them. 


Somebody asked me this yesterday, actually, how did I do this? You know, how did this come to fruition? And it got to a point after the level of initiation I went through. I actually thought to myself, “well, if I dropped it tomorrow, millions of other people might have gone through this level of trauma and had to clear all this stuff really quickly.” If I could bring something that was in a compressed format, that they spent three months doing — not lifetimes and years — then that would have a lot of purposes. 

The next thing you know, I was in the bath and got the name pure light. 1111. And this name kept on coming through. So, the next day, I was like, “okay, you get the information, you take the guidance, you take action,” so I registered it step by step. When I say “yes,” the universe meets me, but it comes from my action, my commitment, my locked-in desire, and it’s that energy. A lot of people the opposite way around go, “oh, yeah, we’ll just wait and see what happens.” It’s like, “No, you go first,” and then everything responds to you. But that takes trust and getting out of your head, getting out your way, which is the opposite of how we’ve been living around how people can open themselves up. I want to reframe some things around how the power of our ability to ask in command. 

If we look at more of the magical traditions, it’s always about invoking or commanding something. Even prayer is a command; it has power through words. If we can recognize that, instead of praying, like doing something outside of me, give me this like from a place of weakness, but that isn’t your truth — your truth is that you are deeply powerful. It’s not saying that everything you say is just going to drop out of the air in front of you, but if you make a clear declaration of something that’s locked in and powerful that you desire, the potency comes if it’s linked to your sole purpose. That’s where the money starts coming in because we’re always gonna be supported for the stuff we’re most aligned to be doing. If it has a bigger impact, that’s all about the law of reciprocity, and we started playing universal laws so, so yeah, impact in bigger in that side of things is powerful from the opening up intuition is if you were to consider that if I make a declaration of what I decided. 

So, you might want to extend it on your journaling; you might be journaling things that you kind of desire, whether it’s three things that you desire for the rest of the week, write it down, and then command it: “I command it be brought.” You might want to say “God,” “soul,” “soul universe” — whatever resonates. “X, Y, Z, bring the signs, bring me clarity, and move any obstacles out of the way. Thank you, thank you, thank you,” whatever way feels intrinsically good. I’m not religious, so use whatever works for you. If someone doesn’t like that word, don’t use it. There is no prescription here. 

Then, I use energy clearing because otherwise, we get in our heads and hold other energies, so I would clear my energy, and then I would just meditate. That space of meditating, which can just be taking five minutes to pause, is the space it’s receiving energy. If we think about meditation as the opportunity to receive, we can use that as an opportunity to channel light, which is just your intention. There are lots of different kinds of practices. We can ask for that information, then sit back and bring ourselves to a neutral point, which is maybe focusing on the heart or imagining there’s a doorway in the heart, and you go into the heart. In doing so, there may be, let’s say, a channel that goes up, and you can just take yourself on a little imaginary journey. That path is how you can access the quantum field. So, if you can imagine, that is just something that you follow. You sit there, and you’re just seeing what comes to you, while you’re taking yourself on that journey into exploring and being curious. You might see an image or get some information, but there’s no judgment; it’s neutrality — it doesn’t need to mean anything. But afterward, maybe make some notes, because you’ll notice there are patterns, there are themes, and it might be that what you’ve been shown, you then start seeing on TV or something else. It starts to form a bit of a story. So, without needing to, you can do psychic development. 

That’s one quick way of expanding intuition, to go and do the energetic clearing work because you naturally become more intuitive. These are practices that we can incorporate day to day. and that’s what I teach my clients and what they’re interested in for their businesses, like how they can help their staff.


Very cool. So, what is the average entrepreneur or average person going to see once they’ve achieved that result, once they have achieved the openness, at least a basic average level better than they already currently are? What are some of the things that they can expect?


The first thing that comes through is that they feel more grounded, calmer, and sometimes negative, intrusive thoughts — like doubts — are energies that don’t belong to them. Often, it changes thought patterns that can affect sleep. That’s just very immediate, they feel like they’ve been in a high state of fight or flight, or actually, what tends to happen is we don’t know what it feels like to be at a different energetic setpoint. We’re so used to running on fight or flight that we think that that’s normal. So, to decompress that energetically, when we clear things, we’re also resetting the nervous system. It’s like, “whoa, okay. I can be in my body, and I can be grounded,” but then we can start to play and feel more joyful. It doesn’t have to be physical manifestations. 

With the type of work I do, I’m working in the quantum field. I’m working at the soul level for contracts and stuff like that. I’m looking at certain things that you may have in place or have agreed on — your ancestral lineage, patterns of poverty, or other similar things. When we clear those things very quickly, I work right back to the root. Generally, things shift very quickly, so it tends to be new money, clients, and new opportunities, and it’s within days; it’s never longer than that. This is where the magic is. It’s like I collapsed time because I can tap into the potential in the quantum field, and then we work to align that. 

So, when your head tries to get around it, it’s almost like this stuff is existential because we’re learning to integrate a new sense. And the more you do it, the more you realize that you can piece that together.


What I’ve noticed from my brief year working in the space — and I’m far from perfect — is that my practices are sporadic, at best. I probably meditate every couple of days for about 20 minutes, but even that has gone a long way. I’ve noticed I could further tap into joy and find happiness and mindfulness; in most situations, I can tap into more focus and energy when I need it. Instead of coming home after a long day of work and taking an Adderall to push through the next four to five hours, I do a little breathwork. I can tap into that focus and energy, and appreciate the work I’m doing. 

That’s just from a year of practice. I can only imagine where someone like you is in that field and what you can tap into, but for the readers here, there are a lot of benefits that you can get as an entrepreneur. As a person, it’s better to live in a higher state and be able to tap into and control those thought patterns and emotions that arise all of the time. Sleepiness, anger, and sadness are all emotions that you can tap into and be aware of, know that they’re there, and then pass by them and change to something else. 


Alera, we talked a little bit about tactics here, a straightforward form of meditation. I think everybody should do it — I do it — there’s science backing that one up. Is there anything else that you do or recommend any practice you’d like to speak about?


When I started pulling together the call for modality — which I will add is open-ended, meaning as I grow, I’m adding to it evolves — I had a six-minute reset. That meant that, when I was in the office, I could pop off to the ladies’ room, and sit there to do this energy clearing, which I now give to my clients. It clears any energy of others, including the emotional energy of others, brings your soul back into the body, and grounds you to some other bits and pieces so that you can reset in six minutes. That’s great when we’re in those situations, but if you’re constantly being triggered, my view is there’s always gold on the other side of the trigger. That’s where we have a piece of a shadow that gives us some gift or information that is our blind spot to the acceleration of the money or whatever else we’re after. 

It’s good to have the tools to reset from triggers and know that they are showing us something, that we don’t need to get entangled in them. But we still need to be accountable for going in and doing the other stuff. I used to have a little kit that I would take to work with Epsom salt and shower gel so I could go off to the gym and have a quick shower. That was a perfect way to reset my energy quickly. It felt like I was like clear. Sage is amazing. I think those kinds of things are good on a sort of a day-to-day basis — it kind of lifts you a bit. It’s almost like they’re a small part of the toolkit; staging will not clear deep trauma. Reiki will not clear deep trauma. It’s almost like we need a smorgasbord of tools, but if you want to take the quantum leap, we have to do the deeper stuff. That isn’t something to be scared off, nor does it need to take hours or weeks, but it does require your decision to get to the point of, “I’m ready to evolve past this.” If you’re resistant and think somebody’s just going to fix you, you are already creating energetic resistance to change because it posits you as the victim. We have to choose better. We’re worthy of better. We know we can experience better. 

If this makes you feel anger, that isn’t a negative. I use anger as my motivation to say, “I’m done.” Anger is showing me that I need to make change, rather than that I’m not someone that blows up in someone’s face, but I have very strong boundaries around things. Sometimes, it’s also looking at our childhood patterns around how comfortable we are experiencing these other emotions. Could we share them? And while we have perhaps shown that certain feelings were okay, and certain ones weren’t, that’s powerful for entrepreneurs, CEOs, and those that are employing leaders in their organizations. I feel the future of our organizations means that, especially if they are not doing a level of personal introspection, personal development, and perhaps even therapy, they are going to be creating environments that are based on their own bias, their traumas, and their limitations. For us to evolve consciously in our businesses and make things better environments, the inner work really starts with us.


I agree … has a famous saying; I’m probably going to misquote it, but it was, “the company can only grow as big as its leader has grown personally.” I believe that wholeheartedly. So, if you are wondering why your company might be stuck, it might be because you’re stuck on a personal level. Do the self-work, and you might see your company explode following your growth spiritually and as a person. I always think back to Dr. Strange when he was a neurosurgeon, and he was going to learn the art of mystic spirituality, like, “I can reattach a spine, but why can’t I do this?” It takes years of study and practice to be good at it and benefit from it. To understand these things, you have to put the time and dedicate the learning to it. So, with that being said, Allera gave us some great book recommendations, which will be included for everyone to look through below. Thanks for joining us!

Allera’s book recommendations:

“Attached — Identify Your Attachment Style & Find Your Perfect Match” — By Amir Levine & Rachel Heller.

“The 5 love languages  — The Secret To Love That Lasts” — By Gary Chapman.

“The Physics of Consciousness — In the quantum field, minerals, plants, animals & human souls” — By Ivan Antic

“Morphic resonance — The nature of formative causation” —By Rupert Sheldrake

“The 4-hour week” — Tim Ferris

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