Alexander Sailer – An Investor, Race driver, and Philanthropist

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Every entrepreneur has traits the carry and a story to tell. Team work and patience and Focus are elements that have been crucial to the success of Alexander Sailer.

Who is Alexander Sailer?

Alexander Silver is a race driver, investor and philanthropist who has over the years established his prominence as an entrepreneur even going ahead to bail out companies on the verge of collapsing as well as supporting worthwhile causes that uplift communities.

What Businesses has Alexander Sailer Founded or Invested In?

Alexander founded iProtect in 2011 when he was studying Business Law. It grew to be one of the leading suppliers of cell phone accessories within 5 years with an annual sale volume of over two million products earning over € 18 million in revenue.
He also holds a stake in MONOQI which he was happy to save when it was on the verge of bankruptcy. He serves as the managing director of MONOQI and also has a hand in Social Chain AG, Urbanara GmbH and Lumaland Gmbh.

Family First

He always put family first and spends all the time he can with them, visits parks to see wildlife, nature, and is passionate about elephants.

The Race Driver

He has partaken in the Pfister Racing Touring Challenge which is increasingly gaining prominence and partakes in the Euro speedway. Always eager to take on a challenge, Alexander is solidifying his place as a top-notch driver.
How does he help aspiring investors or entrepreneur?
Alexander is always happy to support rising entrepreneurs which support may be financial as well as advisory to help the nurture their ventures to profitability

Alexander Sailer’s tips for aspiring Entrepreneurs?

Begin with the end in mind. Look at every angle of the venture you would like to start. Not just the possibility of making a lot of money. Identify a problem that your venture will solve. Once you have a solid plan, take action and above all “Focus” and be patient.

How to contact him?

You can contact Alexander Sailer through his Instagram profile. You can follow him to get the latest updates about his ventures, racing as well as philanthropic activities and more.

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