Adil C and his charity works wins hearts of all his fans

Adil C

Canadian Pop Artist Adil C is known for his pop music talent, but no one knows about his kindness and what he does for needy people and what he does for charity. Adil C’s music is mainly Pop. With all of his releases combined the styles of Dark Pop, Feel-Good Pop, Dance Pop, Alternative Pop, and Emotional Pop is evident. In 2019, CULTR expressed that the contents of his music are emotionally vulnerable songs that many can relate to.

Adil C’s voice is categorized as a tenor. When he was young his vocals were mainly in the high tenor. As an adult singer now, Adil C sings in the ranges from high baritone to mid tenor. His singing style originates from the vocal influences of Justin Bieber, and Kellin Quinn.

Adil C has a wide scope of background in philanthropic work. Before he had even released his first pop single in 2018, he had been helping charities. In his early childhood, his parents taught him to always give back. In 2016, Adil C started to take on involvement with charities such as PLAN Canada, PLAN International, World Vision, Christian Children’s Fund of Canada by helping organizations gain donors through street marketing, door to door marketing, and online marketing. Adil C enjoys the giving back process in regards to his personal beliefs of helping others. Since he started releasing music in 2018, he wanted to involve his background and joy in helping others with the use of his music. Adil C connected with Fuck Cancer, Pencils of Promise, Australian Childhood Foundation, and many more.

Adil C is very active with the charity Pencils of Promise. Pencils of Promise is a charity that supports in the resource and supply for education for children across the globe, creating access to knowledge in ways that weren’t possible before. In October 2020 Adil C helped Pencils of Promise with their 2020 Global Gala working with Jay Shetty, Gary Vee, Adam Braun and Pencils of Promise staff to bring fans and philanthropic supporters to the event.

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