A Conversation with Ravi Abuvala: How to Scale From 6 to 7-Figures with a Client Acquisition Machine

Is your business stuck in 6-figure-land? Let’s crank up the volume with Ravi Abuvala, Chief Scaling Officer at Scaling with Systems, a company that offers expert advice to B2B businesses that want to scale to 7 and even 8-figures.

Is your business stuck in 6-figure-land? Let’s crank up the volume with Ravi Abuvala, Chief Scaling Officer at Scaling with Systems, a company that offers expert advice to B2B businesses that want to scale to 7 and even 8-figures.

Recently, we sat down with Ravi to learn some of his industry tricks of the trade. What he delivered is the process of creating a client acquisition machine that will take your business into the million-dollar territory. 

Have a solid plan

In business, as in other industries, you always need a plan. If the goal is ineffective or not even present, you might as well ‘plan to fail.’ Everyone wants their business to thrive and hitting 6-figures in revenue growth is huge for a start-up. But 6-figures can be just the beginning with some critical components in your business plan. So, here’s how to rev that 6-figure profit into the next realm.


Your sales, whether you provide products or services, are essential. But hitting the sales goal you set is much more complex than most people think. Ravi says the building process must begin with the following steps.

1.   Potential customers must buy into you as a person.

No one wants to pay or invest money with a business owner whose way of doing business seems sketchy or unorganized. Think about it. These potential customers don’t know you, and your business is relatively new. They have every right to be skeptical. If they aren’t, they should be. Take the time to prove your intentions. You’ll get people to buy into your product or service by getting to know them and allowing them to get to know you. Once you establish a level of trust, a long-term customer relationship can build.

2.   Customer buy-in to your product or service

Just as these potential customers need to trust you as a person, they need to know your product or service is suitable for their needs. Establish honest dialog with your customers laying out all your business can provide. Customer buy-in on your product or service requires patience and diligence. However, once you have brought them in, with good business practices and attention to their needs, these customers can become magnets, pulling others to your business.

The next step

Once the market knows you and your business, the organic traffic begins. But now, you need to keep the process moving without so much of your attention on building clientele. The next step is creating a client acquisition machine.

The term machine is precisely what you imagine—a process that happens relatively automatically without human input. Getting from 6 to 7-figures will require this advanced method of building a client base.

Here are a few things Ravi says you must think about to scale your business to the next level and create a client acquisition machine.

  1. In the beginning, as the CEO, you probably did it all—or felt like you had to. Hiring the right people for the right positions is vital as your business grows. As positions get filled, your job as CEO gets streamlined considerably. At this point, your job is to set appointments and take appointments that grow your customer base. In the start-up stage, you might not be making and taking a ton of meetings, so you must start putting the right things in place to make this happen. Then, as you see growth with good people working for you, you can focus on creating and taking appointments with the customers who have trusted you and your business.
  2. Getting your company to run like a well-oiled machine also requires exceptional salespeople. This step is crucial. The decisions made here can make or break a company. Scaling to 7-figures will definitely require top-notch salespeople who grow your business, not cost you money. The biggest hit your company could take is not getting the sales that had potential. In other words, a salesperson who locks down three sales from ten possibilities loses a lot of money. Your sales team needs to be stellar and make money from possibilities, not let it slip away.

The final phase

The final phase of building any company is ideally 7-figure profits or more. Getting to this goal is a challenge that requires a solid business plan, attention to creating customer buy-in, and hiring the right people. Getting through this process should set your business up with a client acquisition machine that grows your business to its fullest potential.

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