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10 Ways to Get More Views on Your Stories

Instagram superstart Ela Mazur Creative shares 10 hot tips for getting more views on your stories

Stories are a great way to engage with your audience and build a connection. Think of your stories as a more personal way of connecting with your audience and providing value. 

With more people than ever on Instagram right now, sometimes your posts may not get seen, so your stories are a great way to dive into your audience’s radar and get them engaged and interacting. 

We spoke to Ela Duys, founder and CEO of Ela Mazur Creative who gave us her hot top 10 tips on how to get more views on your stories. 


Ela says: “ I don’t want to get you down in the dumps about the number of people viewing your IG Stories! However, you may have noticed the numbers going down lately? That’s because there are SO many people using Instagram right now. IN FACT right now there are the MOST people on the platform then ever before. This means less people might see your content.”

Here are Ela’s top 10 tips to getting more views on your stories:


People love it when you show up as your authentic, best version of yourself!

Don’t sleep on these engagement tools.

Hashtags are not dead. I repeat, hashtags are not dead.

This will help people from all over the world be able to find you based on location.

Conversation is key.

No one likes boring. Get creative and make your stories stand out.

      7. Share content from others 

Sharing is caring right? Sharing content actually saves you time and also will increase your engagement.

      8. Mention others in your stories so they share

Tagging others is a great way to draw more eyes to your page. Mention away!

      9. Get to the point and post with purpose! 

Peoples attention spans are short. Make sure to maximise what you can do in the shortest time possible.

     10. Reply to other people stories

As they say, what goes around comes around. Give value to get value.

Are you still stuck on how to leverage your stories? Keep an eye out on Ela’s socials and website, as she will be offering a sale on her ‘Instagram for Business’ course at the end of the month for new clients.  

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